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BLIZZARD! Wage and Hour Reminders for Employers on Winter Storm

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Well, it’s official.  Connecticut is under a Blizzard Warning as of Sunday afternoon. This is, of course, nothing new for employers in the state. We’ve had more than our fair share of big “monster” storms. If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you’ll have read more than your share of blog posts about… Continue Reading

A Thanksgiving to Remember: When Cancer Strikes

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The moment when you learn your wife has cancer gets imprinted on your brain in a hurry. At least for me, it did. That happened back in February of this year.  I haven’t talked about it on the blog yet for several reasons including that my wife is much more private online than I am. But she… Continue Reading

Paid Sick Leave Gets “Healed” By General Assembly

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In the hours before the General Assembly’s 2014 session closed, there were a number of bills being watched by employers.  I’ll have an additional recap of the session in the days ahead, but one bill that passed on Wednesday night made a number of small, but important, changes to the state’s Paid Sick Leave law… Continue Reading

ABA Journal Puts Blog In “Hall of Fame”

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With the holidays here, it’s time to say a quick thanks to all of you who have stuck with this blog for well over 6 years. Earlier this month, the ABA Journal — the flagship publication of the American Bar Association — once again named this blog as one of the best law blogs in… Continue Reading

A New Beginning at Shipman & Goodwin LLP

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That headline sort of says it all, doesn’t it? Yes, as of this morning, I am now a partner at Shipman & Goodwin LLP in Hartford, CT in its Labor, Employment & Benefits Practice Area. It’s big for a partner to change firms in Connecticut.  Not nearly as big as, say Nate Silver and his… Continue Reading

As the Dust Settles: Watered-Down Non-Compete Bill Passes; Social Media Password Bill Fails

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The dust is still settling from the mad dash that is the end of the Connecticut General Assembly session.  I’ll have more in the upcoming days as events warrant, but here’s a quick look at a few items that I’ve been tracking in recent weeks.  A bill (HB 6658) restricting the use of non-compete agreements passed… Continue Reading

Proposed Bill Would Create Chaos for Employers and Constituionalize Common Workplace Grievances

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Employers: If there is one proposed bill at the Connecticut General Assembly to be concerned about this year, it is the stealth House Bill 6667.  It could have the single biggest impact on employer/employee relations in a generation.   And that’s just for starters. If you look at the bill on the legislative website, it looks innocuous enough. … Continue Reading

Reading the Tea Leaves for Employment Law in 2013 (Harry Potter Edition)

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In this week’s Connecticut Law Tribune, I filed my annual “forecast” of employment law for 2013. As with the weather forecasts, it is subject to change on a moment’s notice. So drink your “tea” with a grain of salt. So, last year, I brought out my trusted Magic 8-Ball to make my 2012 predictions. Looking… Continue Reading

Doing Something Good for Newtown

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1:00 p.m. update: I’m hearing of slight delays in processing the e-gift cards at Target.  Just please make your contribution as soon as you can today and we’ll watch for them this evening if need be. You can also use Walmart, Staples or Amazon if you prefer.  I am extending the cutoff to donations until this evening due… Continue Reading

Four Potential Employment Law Impacts of Obama’s Next Four Years

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President Obama was re-elected to a second term last night (something forecasted by stats guru Nate Silver). What does it mean for employers? I won’t go quite as far as fellow blogger Jon Hyman, who said this morning that “it just doesn’t matter” who won last night.  I think it matters in part. But the impact… Continue Reading

Don’t Forget to Vote … For ABA Journal Blawg 100

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It’s the middle of the political season. And you know what that means, a request to vote. No, not for the Presidential election (though I’ll have more on that next month). But for the ABA Journal’s Blawg 100 nominations which end on September 7th. For three years running, this blog has been named to the… Continue Reading

After NLRB’s Memo, Drafting Employment Policies Got Trickier

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I’ve had a little more time to digest the latest memo from the NLRB opining on what is and what isn’t appropriate for employers to have in their policies. And I’ve come to a very serious conclusion: It’s an utter mess.  (Fellow employment lawyers use the phrases “bungled mess” (Jon Hyman), “not good” (Molly DiBianca),… Continue Reading

Conn. Supreme Court Rejects $10M Verdict; Insubordination is Not Protected Speech

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In one of the most significant employment law cases decided by the Connecticut Supreme Court in recent years, the Court unanimously ruled earlier this month that an employee’s free speech rights in the private workplace do not extend to speech pursuant to his job duties.  Those rights do not cover insubordinate behavior either. In doing so, the Court reversed the… Continue Reading

Big Day for Employers at Connecticut Supreme Court

Posted in Discrimination & Harassment, Featured, Litigation

It’s been several years since employers had some decisions to cheer about at the Connecticut Supreme Court.  But yesterday, the court released two important decisions that will likely rank as among the most significant the court has issued in the employment context in the last decade. I represented the employer in one of those cases, which you… Continue Reading

Employment Discrimination Protocols for Discovery: They’re Coming

Posted in Discrimination & Harassment, Featured, Highlight, Litigation

UPDATED A few weeks ago, the U.S. Courts’ publication “The Third Branch” updated the public on a pilot program that has been going on for a while that established initial discovery protocols that employers and employees need to follow in discrimination cases, without the need for case-specific discovery requests. (I was tipped off to this… Continue Reading

Legislative Session Begins; Discrimination Against Unemployed on the Agenda

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The new legislative session at the Connecticut General Assemblybegan last week and the Labor & Public Employee Committee wasted no time setting an agenda for bills for discussion in this short legislative session. At a committee meeting last Thursday, the Committee discussed a variety of items to be discussed and proposed as bills.  Among the… Continue Reading

Super Bowl Office Pools in Connecticut – What Box Are You In?

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It doesn’t get much better than this for Connecticut residents. Giants vs. Patriots for the Super Bowl.  In a state where the loyalties are divided, a Super Bowl rematch from four years ago is nirvana.  And with such interest and enthusiasm, friendly wagering among friends will no doubt follow. But what happens when those people… Continue Reading

BREAKING: U.S. Supreme Court Supports Fairly Broad “Ministerial Exception” to Anti-Discrimination Laws

Posted in CHRO & EEOC, Discrimination & Harassment, Featured, Highlight, Litigation

In a unanimous decision, the U.S. Supreme Court today gave some teeth to the “ministerial exception” that, in essence, precludes some employees of religious institutions from suing them under federal discrimination laws. I’ve discussed the exception in various posts over the years here and here.  Its been supported in the Second Circuit and by the… Continue Reading

BREAKING: Connecticut DOL Issues Guidance and Poster on Paid Sick Leave

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The Connecticut Department of Labor has issued its long-awaited guidance this morning on the new Paid Leave Law that becomes effective on January 1, 2012. You can download the CTDOL’s guidance here. My cursory review of the guidance indicates that it answers some questions that have been floating out there — albeit in ways that… Continue Reading

Paid Sick Leave and What Employers Need to Know: A Seminar

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Employers in Connecticut have less than two months to get ready before the new Paid Sick Leave law goes into effect. If only that were the only new development. A few months ago, my firm held a sold-out seminar to address these new developments and much more. Because of overwhelming demand, we are putting on… Continue Reading

What Are My Favorite “Work” Songs On My iPod? Steve Jobs Knows.

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I’ve been meaning to write a post about work songs since I started this blog.  (In fact, back in 2008, I noted that I would write about it in an upcoming post.  Three years later…) But it never felt important enough. Too frivolous. Just a simple post about songs. I was thinking about that again… Continue Reading

Hurricane Irene: Do You Need to Pay Your Employees If You’re Closed?

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Updated: August 28, 2011 – As of mid-morning, more than 40 percent of the state is without power, making this storm the highest power outage in state history.  Widespread office closures are expected for Monday and early this week. It’s the (relatively) calm before the storm on Saturday night.  Hurricane Irene is definitely coming. But… Continue Reading

Hurricane Irene: “Reporting Time” Pay and Other Wage & Hour Issues for Employers

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So, by now (Friday morning), your preparations at your workplace should be in full swing.  The latest forecasts this morning call for a landfall on Sunday somewhere along the Connecticut coast (perhaps Bridgeport) with hurricane impacts felt throughout the state. Connecticut has set up some new resources since my post yesterday specifically on Hurricane Irene. … Continue Reading