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Employees Who Smoke (Part II) – The Exception for Health Insurance Plans

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So yesterday, I made a convincing case that employees who smoke outside the workplace can’t be treated differently than your non-smokers.  But what about your health insurance plans? Doesn’t the state law prohibit your plan from imposing higher premium costs on those smokers? Well on first glance it appears yes.  The state law would seem to… Continue Reading

Refusing to Hire People Who Smoke: The Connecticut Ban

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When I was away last week, one of the headlines from my alma mater caught my attention.  The University of Pennsylvania Health System announced that effective July 1st, they will refuse to hire anyone who smokes or uses tobacco. No doubt some of you are either lauding this step, or shaking your head in disgust. Could an… Continue Reading

Smoke & Mirrors – Beware of the “Newest Trend” on Smoker-Free Workplaces in Connecticut

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The New York Times loves spotting trends. Here’s the latest: Workplaces are moving from smoke-free to "smoker-free" places, particularly in the health care arena.  I hate to break it to The New York Times, but this is far from new. Indeed, nearly three years ago, I blogged about it, noting "there’s been a lot of… Continue Reading

Hartford-Area Businesses Ban Smoking on Company Premises: The Law on Workplace Smoking

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This week, word came down that several Hartford-area companies were implementing a ban on smoking anywhere on company premises. This means outside areas on the campuses of these businesses, and the parking lots as well.  Previously, employees could smoke in designated areas outside various buildings.  Yesterday, Bristol started considering implementing a ban on smoking on… Continue Reading

Not So Fast: Connecticut Employers Have Restrictions Regulating Smoking Outside the Workplace

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There’s been a lot of talk of late of a "trend" beginning where employers are taking stock of employees health habits, particularly smoking.  Some employers are even considering a "smoke screen", per this story and this followup as well.   Some other background on employers and smoking policies can be found here, and here. While employers have… Continue Reading