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Legislative Update: CTFMLA Expands to Cover Military Qualifying Exigencies

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UPDATED Continuing to recap various employment law bills out of the Connecticut General Assembly, the legislature passed a measure Wednesday night that brings Connecticut’s FMLA law more in line with the federal counterpart. The federal FMLA was amended back in 2008 (prior post on the subject here) to provide coverage for any “qualifying exigency” arising out… Continue Reading

Employer Who Fired Returning Reservist Did Not Violate USERRA

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USERRA (quick, name that acronym, answer down below) is a oft-misunderstood federal statute that addresses employment issues for reservists and active duty members of the armed forces. A recent Second Circuit decision (Hart v. Family Dental Group, decided May 31, 2011), arising from a federal court filing in Connecticut demonstrates the difficulties employers may have… Continue Reading

FMLA Getting Tweaked Today Under New Bill Creating A New Challenge for Conn. Employers

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Earlier this afternoon, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2010.  By doing so, he approved of several changes to the FMLA .  But before you rip up your existing FMLA policies, the provisions relate to the military-related leaves under the Act.  (H/T Ohio Employer’s Law Blog)  The changes as a whole expand the… Continue Reading

Largest USERRA Judgment Ever? Judge Enters $1.3M Judgment to Reservist & Former Financial Advisor

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Nine months after a jury found his employer liable for firing a reservist called to active duty after the 9/11 attacks, a federal judge awarded Michael Serricchio over $1.3M in damages on his federal claim in a decision handed down late last week. It is believed to be the largest judgment ever awarded under The Uniformed Services… Continue Reading