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Court: Temps May Not be “Employees” Under Workers Compensation Law, Allowing Lawsuit

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As I continue to work on a major redesign and relaunch that I hope (!) to roll out by month’s end which has held up some blog posts, my colleague Gary Starr returns this morning with a new post regarding a recent Connecticut court decision and temps.  Employers who use a staffing company to supplement… Continue Reading

Imagine If There’s No CHRO. It’s Not Easy If You Try.

Posted in CHRO & EEOC, Legislative Developments

Imagine there’s no ….. A few years ago it would have been unfathomable to be considering life in Connecticut without a Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.  After all, it is a necessary step in filing a discrimination complaint in this state. Imagining a Connecticut without the CHRO? No way. But suddenly, dramatically, here we… Continue Reading

What To Do With the CHRO? One Proposal Calls For Elimination of the CHRO and Replacement with a Unemployment Benefits-Type Model

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Sometime last summer, Connecticut attorney Karen Lee Torre sparked a few fires with her suggestion to eliminate the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities — the organization charged with, among other duties, investigating and remedying discrimination in the workplace.  (You can find my prior posts on the exchange here, here and here.)  The crux… Continue Reading

CHRO Working Group To Assess Agency’s Ability to Meet Mission

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In Connecticut, it’s well known that the state agency responsible for investigating complaints, the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) has been the subject  of lots of discussion and criticism for over a decade, dating back to the years under Executive Director Louis Martin. Recently, a new series of criticisms have been heard… Continue Reading