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Can a Legislature Really Change a Collective Bargaining Agreement?

Posted in Labor Law & NLRB, Legislative Developments, Wage & Hour

My law partner, Gabe Jiran, talks today about whether it’s all that easy to change the terms of a collective bargaining agreement.  Is it just as easy as a vote? Or does it require something more? The answer has implications for all employers.   With all of the talk about the financial difficulties faced by… Continue Reading

Data Privacy Continues to be Focus of Legislature (But What About Employers?)

Posted in Legislative Developments

Several years ago, Connecticut passed a law that, for the first time, required employers to take special precautions to protect the personal data of their employees.  For a refresher, you can see my prior posts here and here.  Now, there is news of some tweaks to the law with some implications for employers and companies. … Continue Reading

Attorney General Expresses Concern On “Captive Audience” Bill; Legislator Declares It Dead

Posted in Labor Law & NLRB, Legislative Developments

What a difference a few weeks can bring. Back on May 5th, Attorney General George Jepsen issued a letter to legislators expressing his support of the so-called "captive-audience" bill.  That letter was used in the debate by Connecticut House members as proof that the bill would pass a legal challenge.  Indeed, on May 11th, the… Continue Reading

Will Blumenthal’s Departure from Attorney General’s Office Have an Impact on Employers?

Posted in Legislative Developments

The big news in Connecticut this morning has to be the retirement of Senator Chris Dodd and the announcement by Attorney General Richard Blumenthal that he will seek that seat. This is most definitely NOT a political blog so I’ll leave it to others to figure out the political ramifications. But what has yet to be… Continue Reading

Are We Talking About Race in the Workplace or Are We “Cowards”? AG Holder’s Compelling Speech

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance

Yesterday, I had seen some headlines at first about Attorney General Eric Holder’s comments discussing race, but had simply glossed over them. After all, it was a busy workday and well, was there going to be anything new? But by late in the day, I received an e-mail from a former law professor of mine. … Continue Reading

Poor Supervision Even Exists at the Department of Justice

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance

A few weeks ago, a report came out blasting the hiring procedures that existed at the Department of Justice in prior years.  Because this is not a political blog, I left it for others to comment on it, such as The Word on Employment Law.  But the basic gist of the report was that there… Continue Reading