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The Dialogue: Hiring Employees the Right Way (From Different Sides)

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I’ll confess. I’m excited about today’s post.  It’s hard to find something new to do after nearly 10 years of blogging, but I think today’s post is pretty innovative. Unless you read The New York Times “The Conversation” which we’ve tried to copy emulate here.  Except this post (and hopefully others) will be called “The Dialogue”.  Somehow different,… Continue Reading

Protecting Confidential Information from Untrustworthy Employees

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My colleague Gary Starr returns today with a story worth reading about the need for employers to secure confidential information.  Although it is based on Massachusetts, the concepts it covers may have some carryover to employers elsewhere as well.   Employers that maintain records of their employees and customers and allow employees have access to confidential… Continue Reading

Hiring Without Headaches – A Possibility or Fantasy?

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So this week, I’ll be speaking at our firm’s semi-annual Labor & Employment Law seminar.  Amazingly, we have reached capacity for this event and are now taking names for a waiting list! Many thanks to all who have signed up.  It should be a lot of fun. Frequent blog contributor (and, well, a colleague) Chris… Continue Reading

Legislative Update: Modified “Ban the Box” Bill Approved in Connecticut

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Remember “Ban the Box” and the fair chance employment bill from earlier in the session? Well, it passed last night. Sort of. An amendment to the original bill essentially wiped the prior version clean.  Thus, whatever you think you knew about the measure you can put that aside. What passed last night (House Bill 5237)… Continue Reading

Background Check Settlements Still Costing Employers Big Dollars

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My colleague Peter Murphy and I have been talking a lot about background checks lately.  It’s easier than ever to run a basic Internet search on someone, but what information do you find? And are there any limts? Today, Peter talks about two recent settlements of background check claims against employers. Both cost the employers… Continue Reading

Background Check Documentation (Printed and Online) Under Renewed Scrutiny

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If you’re like most employers that do background checks, you probably haven’t thought twice about the documentation you use for it. Perhaps you’ve copied some standard language you’ve found off the Internet (not that there is anything necessarily wrong with that), or maybe you’ve just used a form that has been handed down from one… Continue Reading

Upcoming Presentations on Investigations and Notable Court Decisions Impacting Human Resources

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With all the weather changes in Connecticut over the last few days, I’m reminded of Mark Twain’s quote: “If you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.”But life still goes on in New England and I’ve got two upcoming presentations to mention. This Wednesday, I have the privilege of speaking to… Continue Reading

Former Lawmaker (and Ex-Felon) Urges Connecticut To Ban Discrimination Against Felons in 2013

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At a Sentencing Commssion hearing last week, former state lawmaker Ernie Newton — who was convicted in 2006 on corruption charges — urged commission members to address hiring discrimination against ex-felons, reports CT News Junkie.  There is no indication yet that they will do so, but his comments raised some eyebrows in the press. Newton’s… Continue Reading

Using Criminal Background Checks in the Hiring Process; Handle With Care

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The Office of Legislative Research, whom I’ve praised in several posts before (here and here), recently issued a report on the consequences of a felony conviction on employment.  Overall, it does a good job summarizing the issues when it comes to state employment. But later on in the publication it states the following when discussing… Continue Reading

Senate Passes Bill Banning Use of Credit Reports by Employers With Exceptions

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UPDATED June 9, 2011 – The House approved the measure late last night, June 8th. For additional details, see this updated post. In the closing hours of the General Assembly’s term, the Connecticut Senate has passed a bill yesterday that would ban the use of credit reports by employers in many situations. Senate Bill 361… Continue Reading

Of Credit Histories, Ricci’s Impact & The Gender Wage Gap

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Been a busy week so there’s time only for a few things to some recent and upcoming publications, podcasts and radio shows that I’m involved with.  My thanks to the respective producers or reporters for the opportunity. First, the Daily Labor Reports and U.S. Law Week each did a lengthy piece this week on the… Continue Reading

“National Sexual Harassment Registry” on eBossWatch – Not Even What It Claims To Be

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UPDATE: Since my original post, the Registry has been revised and various links have been removed, presumably in response to the criticism. You can find my update on the site here.  Ever have a sexual harassment complaint filed against your company or a supervisor? Congratulations, the supervisor is now eligible to appear on a "National Sexual… Continue Reading

The Basics: Background Checks in Connecticut

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If you’re wondering if the applicant you’re planning on hiring is a closet Justin Bieber fan or a Russian spy, odds are that a background check won’t uncover that information.  What is may, uncover, however is whether that applicant has been arrested for say, vomiting on a police officer’s kid at a baseball game …. Continue Reading

General Assembly Overrules Veto of Criminal Background Check Bill

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After months of on-again, off-again views, the Connecticut General Assembly yesterday overruled Governor Rell’s veto of House Bill 5207, which changes the way that the State of Connecticut can conduct background checks on job applicants.  You can view of the text of the bill here.  With yesterday’s vote, it will now go into effect on… Continue Reading

Rell Vetoes Bill Limiting Use of Criminal Background Checks for State Applicants

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I can’t say I saw this one coming. I’ve previously reported on a bill (H.B. 5207) that passed the legislature.  That bill restricts the use of background checks for prospective state employees until after job offers have been made. Yesterday, Governor Rell vetoed the measure (H/T CT Mirror). In her veto message, she states that while… Continue Reading

Legislative Roundup: New Labor & Employment Laws — Where Are They??

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UPDATED The Connecticut General Assembly ended its regular session last night. As far as new laws affecting employers, the session certainly ends with a whimper.  For many employers, the big news is that the paid sick leave bill once again failed.  This time it wasn’t even put up for a vote in either chamber of… Continue Reading

House Votes to Ban Criminal Background Checks for Public Employees Until After Job Offer

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Despite initial opposition from the Chief State’s Attorney and other state officials, the  Connecticut House of Representatives today approved a bill that would limit the use of criminal background checks on state workers. I’ve discussed the bill in a prior post.  The text of the bill (with an amendment that passed) is attached.  Specifically, the… Continue Reading

With Two Weeks Left to Go in Legislative Session, Labor & Employment Law Bills Remain Few & Far Between

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A few months ago, it looked like we could see a variety of bills passed relating to labor & employment law in the Connecticut General Assembly. With the legislature scheduled to conclude business on May 5, 2010, though, its still mostly quiet on the labor & employment law area. According to the Labor Committee’s Bill Record… Continue Reading

A Primer on When Criminal Background Checks Are Required By Statute

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Criminal background checks have, in many ways, never been easier for employers. The internet has made that process quicker, cheaper and more transparent. And yet, the question of "when" must employers run a criminal background check remains confusing. There are various laws on the subject but they are in different sections of the law and… Continue Reading

Federal Court Denies Summary Judgment to Background Check Company Based on Alleged Violations of FCRA

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In a case that should send shivers through background check companies, particularly in Connecticut, a federal district court judge recently ruled that a job applicant could proceed to trial with her claims that two background check companies violated in the Fair Credit Reporting Act when they reported that she had been convicted of a crime… Continue Reading

Quick Takes: Background Checks, Increased DOL Audits, ARRA’s Whistleblower Provisions, H1-B Visa Rules for TARP Recipients, Salary Basis Test

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It’s FINALLY a nice spring day outside in Connecticut (see the picture of the Connecticut River taken this morning) so no need to spend a minute more than necessary to catch up on some other employment law-related items you might have missed during the week: A topic near and dear to my heart, background checks, had… Continue Reading

BeenVerified.Com Shakes Up Background Check Market; Allows Job Applicants to Control Information

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A new New York-based company, launched yesterday and hopes to shake up the background check market with an innovative approach.  If the buzz the company is receiving continues, it will be well on its way. (Full disclosure: is a client but, other than authorizing me to write about them, has had no input… Continue Reading

Using Social Networking Sites for Employment Screening; Is there a Right Answer?

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Over the last couple of days, an interesting debate has emerged about whether employers should use social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace to "screen" potential employees. One corner, supported by the Delaware Employment Law Blog, argues that there are some real and tangible benefits to using the sites, as long as they are used… Continue Reading

Background Checks as Big Business, But How Accurate are They?

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BusinessWeek has an in-depth article this week on business checks and the accuracy of those records.  Its a thought-provoking article that suggests that background checks are a "Wild Wild West" where nothing is regulated.  Moreover, despite the headline that question the accuracy of background checks, the article itself doesn’t contain any statistics or studies to… Continue Reading