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Guest Post: Getting The Most Out of Employees At Non-Profit Organizations – A “Total Rewards” Strategy

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As I continue to reflect this week on nine years of blogging, it’s hard to recall that I started this before the Great Recession hit.  Since that time, all businesses have become more cost-conscious and creative in how they are structured and how they compensate their employees.  Non-profit organizations are no exception to that.  But how… Continue Reading

Is There A Difference Between Firing Because of Age vs. Salary?

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Up on Fortune magazine’s column “Practically Speaking” is the following question: Frank has been with us for more than 20 years. He works in the warehouse and has done a good job for us. I like him. But, to be honest, for the work he performs I could easily replace him someone younger and …… Continue Reading

Drink and Drive. Get Fired. Collect Unemployment Benefits? Yep, Says Court.

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One day, your human resources manager comes to you.  She tells you that an employee lost his commercial driver’s license because he was caught — off the job — driving drunk. The driver’s license is a requirement for the employee’s job.  Can you fire the employee? Under virtually all circumstances, sure. But then the employee… Continue Reading

Guest Post: Crime May Not Pay, But Petty Theft May Pay Unemployment Compensation

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As we enter a holiday weekend, my colleague, Mick Lavelle uncovered an odd circumstance of unemployment compensation law.  He discusses it below. Have a great holiday weekend. The old adage that crime does not pay has been slightly modified by the Connecticut Department of Labor, Employment Security Division, which administers unemployment compensation benefits. Unemployment compensation… Continue Reading

Oral Argument Transcript Now Available from U.S. Supreme Court Argument in Cigna v. Amara

Posted in Litigation

It’s rare for a case from Connecticut to make it all the way to the United States Supreme Court. But this week, a case did just that. I’ve previously discussed the case of Cigna v. Amara in many posts which you can read here.  The case ultimately concerns the receipt of retirement benefits and whether… Continue Reading

COBRA Subsidy Coming to an End, Kind Of – What Employers Need to Know

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UPDATED This week, both the Hartford Courant and the Hartford Business Journal,  have run lengthy articles suggesting that the COBRA subsidy — which went into effect in February of this year — is coming to end for most workers.  Unfortunately, the articles miss the big picture of the law and, in doing so, add to the… Continue Reading

(Nearly) Everything You Wanted to Know About Unemployment Compensation Laws in Connecticut

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Leave it to librarians to come up with a great new resource page for learning about Connecticut’s unemployment laws. I can hear the chuckles now. Librarians?  Yes, librarians. As long-time readers of the blog know, one of the best kept secret resources for attorneys and businesses are the judicial branch law libraries.  They continue to serve as a clearinghouse… Continue Reading

Gross Misconduct and COBRA – When Can An Employer Try to Deny Coverage to Terminated Employee

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The Employee Benefits blog has a terrific post this week explaining the "Gross Misconduct" rule for COBRA Coverage. For those unfamiliar with the lingo, The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) (among other aspects) describes rights that employees have to continue their health insurance after their employment as been terminated (and for some other reasons… Continue Reading

What I’m Reading About in Employment Law and HR Issues This Week

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A few posts this week caught my eye: First, the HR Carnival has a great post this week about various HR issues, including how to train managers better.  And, best yet, you’ll find a link back to this blog.  Thanks to the writers of the Carnival for the reference. Kris Dunn, over at HR Captialist,  has an interesting… Continue Reading