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Legislative Update: Bi-weekly Payroll Periods (Without CTDOL Approval) are Here!

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It’s been a long-time coming but the General Assembly finally approved of a measure that would allow employers to pay employees on a bi-weekly basis without receiving prior CTDOL approval. The provision, part of a set of “technical” revisions to various Department of Labor matters, is long overdue. Several employers had moved to a bi-weekly… Continue Reading

Weekly Payment of Wages and Seeking A Waiver

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In my continuing series of posts this summer on recurring issues in employment law, this week I’ll address the payment of wages and the question: Can I pay my employees on a bi-weekly basis? The answer to that question is “no” — at least not without a waiver from the Connecticut Department of Labor. Connecticut… Continue Reading

The Basics: Weekly Payment of Wages

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Finishing up the summer series of some of the basics of Connecticut employment law, I turn back to a wage & hour topic that comes up much more than you might think. Connecticut’s wage payment laws (including Conn. Gen. Stat. 31-71b) are quite clear: Employees must be paid wages on a weekly basis.  In addition, the… Continue Reading

The Basics: Weekly Payment of Wages

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Given the typically slower summer months, I’m going to highlight some basic Connecticut employment laws that most employers should be familiar with (but that some may not).  Picking up on yesterday’s post, it’ll be entitled "The Basics" and hopefully will run at least once every week. Today’s topic: Weekly Payment of Wages. Connecticut law (Conn. Gen…. Continue Reading