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Proposed Bill Would Double Damages for Overtime Violations

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In one of my very first posts way back in 2007, I said this: For employment lawyers and HR professionals, it’s “old” news that overtime lawsuits are a major concern.  Business Week picks up on that trend in next week’s Cover Story entitled: “Wage Wars: Does your Boss Owe You Overtime”. According to the article:… Continue Reading

If the CHRO Ran the Legislature: Agency Proposals On Deck

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As the legislative session continues to roll around, sometimes you can get caught up in bills that have no chance of getting passed. For example, the General Assembly — as presented structured — will never pass a bill making Connecticut a Right to Work state. But when the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities… Continue Reading

Proposed Bills Are First Up on Labor Committee’s Agenda

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The first few days of the new Connecticut legislative session are, dare I say it, kind of fun from an outsider perspective. That is, if you know what you are looking at. Why? Because it’s the time when legislators start submitting “proposed” bills. But these proposals are far from polished products. Sometimes, these proposals are… Continue Reading

Minimum Daily Earnings Guarantee (or Reporting Time) Already a Rule For Some Employers

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This week, one of Connecticut’s own, Representative Rosa DeLauro introduced the “Schedules That Work Act” bill in Congress.  It would ostensibly help part-time workers secure stable schedules. It would, among other things “ensure employees get two weeks notice about their work schedules, as well as extra pay to compensate for last minute changes”, as summed up by The… Continue Reading

An Early Look at the Legislative Session: “Low Wage Employers”, Unemployment Discrimination

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The snow may have stalled work in the state for a few days, but the Connecticut General Assembly is now in full swing with bills now being discussed and debated. So far, the list of bills filed before the Labor & Public Employee Committee is small but that is expected to grow soon with bills on… Continue Reading

Legislative Preview: New Life for Noncompete Bill or Is Judicial Reform Better?

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One of the bills that passed the Connecticut General Assembly last year was a bill that would have limited the scope and use of noncompete agreements. But as I noted in a post last summer, Governor Malloy vetoed that piece of legislation. In his veto message, however, he signaled a willingness to agree to some… Continue Reading

Legislative Preview: Will the CHRO Bill Get Passed This Year?

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The short session of the Connecticut General Assembly is set to begin on February 5, 2014. But the jockeying for items to get on the agenda is well under way. The Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities is circulating a proposed bill that would followup on a failed bill from last year’s term. I previously… Continue Reading

Senator Murphy: Prospects “Not Too Good” for Federal Bill Prohibiting Sexual Orientation Discrimination (ENDA)

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As many wait for the Supreme Court’s decision later this term on same-sex marriages, one issue that seems to get lost in the shuffle is the fact that there is still no federal law prohibiting discrimination in employment on the basis of sexual orientation. For employers in Connecticut, this is basically a non-issue because Connecticut… Continue Reading

Former Lawmaker (and Ex-Felon) Urges Connecticut To Ban Discrimination Against Felons in 2013

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At a Sentencing Commssion hearing last week, former state lawmaker Ernie Newton — who was convicted in 2006 on corruption charges — urged commission members to address hiring discrimination against ex-felons, reports CT News Junkie.  There is no indication yet that they will do so, but his comments raised some eyebrows in the press. Newton’s… Continue Reading

Data Privacy Continues to be Focus of Legislature (But What About Employers?)

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Several years ago, Connecticut passed a law that, for the first time, required employers to take special precautions to protect the personal data of their employees.  For a refresher, you can see my prior posts here and here.  Now, there is news of some tweaks to the law with some implications for employers and companies. … Continue Reading

Significant Changes to Personnel Files Act Being Considered at General Assembly

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As the legislative session winds down, there’s one big issue still alive that has been passing mostly under the radar of the mainstream press.  (To the CBIA’s credit, they’ve been tracking this bill for a while.) Under current law, an employee has the right to inspect and receive a copy of his or her personnel… Continue Reading

General Assembly Approves Ban on Use Of Credit Reports by Employers

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In the last flurry of action, the Connecticut House last night approved Senate Bill 361, which bans the use of credit reports in hiring and promotions, in certain situations by certain employers.  The bill had previously been approved by the state Senate. I recapped the bill in detail a few days ago.  There are a… Continue Reading

Senate Passes Bill Banning Use of Credit Reports by Employers With Exceptions

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UPDATED June 9, 2011 – The House approved the measure late last night, June 8th. For additional details, see this updated post. In the closing hours of the General Assembly’s term, the Connecticut Senate has passed a bill yesterday that would ban the use of credit reports by employers in many situations. Senate Bill 361… Continue Reading

Legislative Update: Paid Sick Leave & Gender Identity Discrimination Bills Pass; Governor’s Approval Expected

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Early Saturday morning, the Connecticut General Assembly passed two bills that will have a significant impact on employers in Connecticut.  Both bills now need to be signed by the Governor (who has indicated he will sign them). First, the Senate passed House Bill 6599, which adds “gender identity or expression” as a new protected category… Continue Reading

“Captive Audience” Bill Clears Connecticut House But Is It Even Constitutional?

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Last night, after many hours of debate, the Connecticut House passed the so-called "captive audience" bill that would prohibit employers from requiring their workers to attend meetings concerning views on politics and religion. But the truth is the bill (H.B. 5460) is really about one thing: prohibiting employers from talking about unions when a vote on… Continue Reading

What’s Cooking at the General Assembly? The Usual Dishes and a Few Cookies

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With winter’s fierce grip on us continuing, there’s nothing like a warm dish to make the outside chill melt away.  Certainly, there will be a few of us having some chili this weekend to watch football.  So, a few weeks into the new legislative session, it’s time to see what’s cooking at the Connecticut General… Continue Reading

Followup and Resources from Where We Live’s Discussion on Gender Wage Gap

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Earlier today, I visited with John Dankosky on his wonderful WNPR show, "Where We Live".  You can listen to the replay on its website here.   In the discussion, we touched on a variety of topics including the proposed Paycheck Fairness Act, which did not get through a procedural vote last week. As I’ve said… Continue Reading

With Two Weeks Left to Go in Legislative Session, Labor & Employment Law Bills Remain Few & Far Between

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A few months ago, it looked like we could see a variety of bills passed relating to labor & employment law in the Connecticut General Assembly. With the legislature scheduled to conclude business on May 5, 2010, though, its still mostly quiet on the labor & employment law area. According to the Labor Committee’s Bill Record… Continue Reading

President Signs Bill Extending COBRA Premium Subsidy (Retroactively) to May 31, 2010

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Late Thursday night, President Obama signed a measure that extends the COBRA premium subsidy for another two months — to May 31, 2010. The subsidy had expired on March 31, 2010 when Congress failed to act on this measure before its recess.  However, yesterday, Congress approved a bill that covers all those who have been… Continue Reading

Gov. Rell Vetoes Several Bills Affecting Employers Including “Green Jobs”, Health Insurance, and “Standard Wage”

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Earlier this month, Governor M. Jodi Rell vetoed several  bills affecting employers — one that has garnered a great deal of publicity and a few that that have not. (The Office of Legislative Research has just released a full list of the vetoed bills here and the summaries of the bill are taken from the… Continue Reading

Federal Legislative Update: Senate Passes Genetic Non-Discrimination (GINA) Bill; Expected to Have Minor Impact in Connecticut

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Last week, while I was out on vacation, Congress acted on a bill that may have some interest in Connecticut. However, because Connecticut already has a similar bill already on the books, it will probably have a minor impact on employers. The U.S. Senate approved of legislation that would prohibit genetic discrimination in the workplace.   As reported… Continue Reading

Paid Sick Leave Bill Keeps Moving Along; On to Senate Consideration

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Senate Bill 217, the Paid Sick Leave bill, which I have reported on here and here, passed the Judiciary Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly late last week, setting the stage for a possible Senate vote in the next few weeks.  Various blogs and website have set the stage for a possible showdown at the… Continue Reading

Legislative Update on 15 Year Old Workers, Workplace Bullying, and Other Labor Bills

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With one month to go in the shortened legislative session, there hasn’t been a lot of action on various labor & employment bills.  Many of the bills I highlighted in the last two months haven’t seen a lot of action or are still awaiting further votes.  This post will briefly summarize where some of the… Continue Reading