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Everything You Need To Know About New Labor & Employment Laws

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With the dog days of summer firmly upon us, it’s a good time to catch up on some items that you might have put aside. One of those items is reviewing the new Connecticut laws that go into effect (mainly) later this year. Fortunately, my colleagues have prepared a great summary of what transpired at… Continue Reading

2013 Legislative Session: Minimum Wage, Captive Audience and an Employer’s Bill of Rights

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The Connecticut General Assembly is back at work so it’s time to take a quick peek to see what’s percolating. The Connecticut Business and Industry Association highlighted the “captive audience” bill as bill that is resurfacing, even though the Attorney General has previously raised doubts about the constitutionality of it.  The bill would restrict communications… Continue Reading

Legislative Session Begins; Discrimination Against Unemployed on the Agenda

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The new legislative session at the Connecticut General Assemblybegan last week and the Labor & Public Employee Committee wasted no time setting an agenda for bills for discussion in this short legislative session. At a committee meeting last Thursday, the Committee discussed a variety of items to be discussed and proposed as bills.  Among the… Continue Reading

What Might Be The Impact of the State Elections on Connecticut Employers? Mandatory Paid Sick Leave

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There’s been plenty written about what the impact of the federal elections will be on national legislative efforts.  While at an ABA Conference last week, various legislative initiatives concerning independent contractors and the Employee Free Choice Act were now seen as as DOA. But in Connecticut, we elected the first Democrat as Governor in over two… Continue Reading

Connecticut Legislature Considers Proposals to Allow Employees to Circumvent CHRO

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The Connecticut General Assembly is back in session and that means that proposals affecting employers are being considered in their earliest stages. For example, at yesterday’s meeting of the Labor & Public Employees Committee several concepts were under consideration, including providing employees the option of not having to first file their employment discrimination claim with the… Continue Reading

New Laws Effective October 1…And New Legislation Still on the Way

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Today is October 1st which means that it’s  "New Law" Day — not in the formal sense, but because it is the effective date of many new laws passed by the Connecticut General Assembly earlier this year. You can view a list of all the bills that are effective today here. The most important, for… Continue Reading

Everything Old is New Again: Bills on Employment Law Issues Start to Get Introduced at Connecticut General Assembly

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The Connecticut General Assembly is in full swing with a wide assortment of labor & employment law bills and concepts being introduced this month — many simply a rehash of bills that were introduced last year and never went anywhere.   You can find a full list of the bills before the Labor & Public Employees… Continue Reading