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Nine Years of Blogging on Employment Law

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Hard to believe, but this week marks the ninth anniversary of the Connecticut Employment Law Blog. I’m pretty sure that’s 72 years old in “blog” years.  Or dog years. I forget which one. Coincidentally, this week I stumbled across an old information sheet I filled out for LexBlog (my blog hosting company) in the summer of 2007… Continue Reading

The Art of the Apology: Saying “Sorry” in the Workplace

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The Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur is quickly approaching.  While most people know that Jews are supposed to fast on that holiday (and ask G-d for forgiveness for their sins), one of the other traditions of the holiday is that Jews are supposed to apologize to all those we have wronged in the previous year…. Continue Reading

A New Year’s Resolution

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Five years is a long time. In the time span of the Internet, it might as well be a lifetime. So, after five years of doing this blog on nearly a daily (ok, business daily) basis, it’s time for a change. Now, I’m not retiring like other bloggers have.  But it’s time to recognize that… Continue Reading

The September Employment Law Blog Carnival – The Bronx Bombers Edition

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For those who are uninitiated, each month an employment law blog hosts a “carnival” with links to various posts from other blogs with a theme typically attached.  Candidly, it’s a relic from a bygone era before social media made sharing easy.   But a carnival is a carnival (and my thanks to Eric Meyer of… Continue Reading

The (Not So) Definitive Top 10 List of Employment Lawyers To Follow Online

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  Yesterday, the HR Examiner came out with Top 25 list of “Online Influencers” in Employment Law.  Through a complex formula, it purports to show who people listen to about employment law online. Unlike Groucho Marx who famously said “I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member”, I’m thankful to be… Continue Reading

A Vote for the Blog

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Popularity contests have never been my thing.  And asking for votes is even less my thing too. But as I recently noted, the popular Sad City Hartford blog has nominated me for the “Hot in Hartford” 2012 contest.  It is a silly contest, as the blog authors readily concede, but a contest nonetheless.  And for… Continue Reading

Top 25 Business Law Blog? Only If You Say So

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As I approach the three-year anniversary of this blog (stay tuned for more details), it’s certainly touching to receive accolades for this blog.  Each year, LexisNexis “honors a select group of blogs that set the online standard for a given industry.” Amazingly, the Connecticut Employment Law Blog is a nominated candidates for the LexisNexis Top… Continue Reading

Another Example of Why Your Company Now Needs a Social Media Policy

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Heather Armstrong — depending on your perspective — is either infamous or famous. Infamous, in the sense that in 2002, she was one of the first people fired by her employer for writing about company business on her blog, Dooce. But since that time, she’s only become much more famous, with her spirited writing and… Continue Reading

From the CBIA HR Conference: What Happens On Facebook May Not Stay on Facebook

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We had a great turnout and reaction to the presentation yesterday at the CBIA Human Resources Conference in Rocky Hill. My thanks to all who sat in our packed room and the great questions that everyone asked. A few observations from the conference: The lines between work and personal activities continue to get blurred and… Continue Reading

Looking for Other Employment Law Resources? Look Up The “Top 100” Employment Law Blogs

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There’s nothing like a bit of Florida sunshine to recharge your batteries.  After 18 months of continuous blogging, you might have noticed a brief slowdown the last week or so as I took some vacation time. In my time off, though, there were several notable posts or topics that are worth mentioning.  I’ll try to sprinkle… Continue Reading

Twitter in the Workplace: Why Employers Need to Be Cautious, Not Afraid

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Have you heard? Twitter is the next BIG thing that employers somehow need to worry about — right after blogs and online social networking, of course.  Indeed, a headline not too long ago from the National Law Journal screamed: "Beware:  Your ‘Tweet’ on Twitter could be trouble". But here’s the thing.  I’ve actually been using Twitter… Continue Reading

Four New-ish Blogs for Employment Law & HR Advice

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It has been a while since I’ve run my "Four websites for…" feature, but because the blogosphere is certainly big enough for an assortment of views in the employment law area,  I’m pleased to pass on the names of a few new employment law blogs that I’ve heard about over the last few weeks. The… Continue Reading

Guest Blogger: Is Wal-Mart a Leader in Blogging?

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Today’s Guest Blogger is Evil HR Lady.  I should tell you that I do know her first name; but she has told me that she’d hunt me down if I revealed her identity.  So instead, I’ve asked her to provide a short blurb to introduce her; here was her candid response: Evil HR Lady works… Continue Reading