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Think Twice Before Asking Applicants for Facebook Passwords

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I told you so. It’s not very often you can say that. It is rarer still to have documented proof.  But back in 2008 — when nobody was focused on Facebook and there were fewer of you reading this — I said this about using Facebook to screen employees: Overall, employers should tread very carefully in… Continue Reading

Will Blumenthal’s Departure from Attorney General’s Office Have an Impact on Employers?

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The big news in Connecticut this morning has to be the retirement of Senator Chris Dodd and the announcement by Attorney General Richard Blumenthal that he will seek that seat. This is most definitely NOT a political blog so I’ll leave it to others to figure out the political ramifications. But what has yet to be… Continue Reading

Connecticut’s Wage Laws — What Do They Really Say About Bonuses, Wages and Double Damages?

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UPDATED Over the last 24 hours, it seems that every politician is decrying the use of Connecticut wage and hour laws as apparent support for AIG’s payout of various retention payments. Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s comments are among the most pointed, according to Capitol Watch: "I have significant doubts about the validity of AIG’s… Continue Reading

Are You Ready for Some Football, Employers? Super Bowl Office Pools in Connecticut

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Last year, Connecticut football fans were in nirvana. Giants versus Patriots. In a state where loyalties are divided among those two teams, you couldn’t ask for a better match-up. This year? Well, let’s just say that many people will need to find some alternative reason to get excited about the matchup. Which is where office… Continue Reading

No Surprise: Foxwoods Declines to Bargain with UAW; Formal Appeal to Follow, Later This Summer

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This should come as a surprise to no one, particuarly given my prior posts, but Foxwoods Casino (properly known as the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation) today formally declined to bargain with the UAW over a contract for approximately 3000 table game dealers, setting up an appeal that will focus on sovereign immunity grounds. The Day first… Continue Reading

Update: Connecticut Attorney General Sues Company Over Workplace Poster Solicitation

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The Connecticut Attorney General’s Office quietly filed suit this week in Connecticut State Court(download here) against American Future Systems, which does business under the name of Progressive Business Publications (and also Progressive Business Compliance).   You won’t find a press release about it on Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s website.  Back in March, I had reported… Continue Reading

Post-Script: Company Updates its Website Regarding Workplace Poster

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Last month, I broke the story about a company that was selling various employment law posters online, and the Connecticut government’s response to the posters.  A post recapping all events with links to all prior posts is located here.   One poster, in particular, dealt with a "Healthcare Advocate" poster. At that time, the company’s website stated specifically… Continue Reading

OHA Poster Now Available Online Directly from Agency

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Credit the Office of Healthcare Advocate for acting quickly.  I received word late Thursday that the Office of Healthcare Advocate — responding, in part, to my post on Wednesday — has now posted its required poster for employers on their website.  You can actually download the poster directly from this link.  As detailed in earlier… Continue Reading

UPDATE: OHA and Secretary of State Urge Businesses Not to “Fall Victim to Phony Compliance Scheme”

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Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz and Connecticut Healthcare Advocate Kevin Lembo released their own press release (download here) this afternoon regarding the investigation into Progressive Business Compliance.  According to the press release, Bysiewicz and Lembo are  "warning Connecticut’s business community about a deceptive marketing campaign that falsely claims there is a ‘new’ requirement that employers purchase compliance… Continue Reading

BREAKING NEWS: Connecticut Attorney General Investigating Company Charging for Free Posters

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Yesterday, I broke the story about Progressive Business Compliance charging money for a free poster for a state and then highlighted the company’s website which made certain representations about the state of the law in Connecticut.  In my post yesterday, I indicated that one of my colleagues had received some marketing materials that suggested there were new requirements and that… Continue Reading

Connecticut Attorney General Proposes Changes to State’s Whistleblower Laws – Part II

Posted in Legislative Developments

Yesterday, I summarized a proposal by Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to revise the state’s whistleblowing laws. The Hartford Courant reported on Wednesday that Blumenthal testified before members of the General Assembly’s black and Latino caucus on that issue.  Today, I’ll take a look at it in more detail. As I indicated yesterday, the Hartford… Continue Reading

Connecticut AG Proposes Changes to State’s Whistleblower Laws – Part I

Posted in Legislative Developments

On Friday, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal proposed new legislation to change the state’s whistleblower laws.  Video from the press conference is available on Senator Edith Prague’s website.  Before the changes are discussed, it is useful to understand the state already has an existing whistleblower statute, Conn. Gen. Stat. Sec. 4-61dd and that enforcement of… Continue Reading

What happened to….the unpaid wage prosecution of Mortgage Lenders Network

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The Hartford Courant has a lengthy piece today about the rise and fall of the Mortgage Lenders Network.  From an employment perspective, the piece recounts how the Connecticut Department of Labor came across one of the largest cases in the state of a company failing to pay wages, at least $1.5 million.  Gary Pechie, the… Continue Reading