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2013 Legislative Session: Minimum Wage, Captive Audience and an Employer’s Bill of Rights

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The Connecticut General Assembly is back at work so it’s time to take a quick peek to see what’s percolating. The Connecticut Business and Industry Association highlighted the “captive audience” bill as bill that is resurfacing, even though the Attorney General has previously raised doubts about the constitutionality of it.  The bill would restrict communications… Continue Reading

Attorney General Expresses Concern On “Captive Audience” Bill; Legislator Declares It Dead

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What a difference a few weeks can bring. Back on May 5th, Attorney General George Jepsen issued a letter to legislators expressing his support of the so-called "captive-audience" bill.  That letter was used in the debate by Connecticut House members as proof that the bill would pass a legal challenge.  Indeed, on May 11th, the… Continue Reading

“Captive Audience” Bill Clears Connecticut House But Is It Even Constitutional?

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Last night, after many hours of debate, the Connecticut House passed the so-called "captive audience" bill that would prohibit employers from requiring their workers to attend meetings concerning views on politics and religion. But the truth is the bill (H.B. 5460) is really about one thing: prohibiting employers from talking about unions when a vote on… Continue Reading

Legislative Update: Workplace Violence & Bullying; Public Employee FMLA Leave; Captive Audience; Paid Sick Leave; Criminal Records; Credit Reports

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The Connecticut General Assembly is in full swing with the budget dominating the discussion. But expect to hear of several high-profile bills continuing to make their way through the legislature.  Here is a brief update on a few of them: Last week, the House unanimously passed H.B. 5174 which deals with workplace violence in the… Continue Reading

Legislative Session Ends with No Action on Captive Audience, Paid Sick Leave and Credit Report Bills

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Whether it’s due to stall tactics by some Republicans last night, as they suggested in an article in the Courant this morning, or simply other things on the agenda, several bills that would have had a major impact on employers were not passed in the closing hours of the legislative session last night. Among the… Continue Reading

Legislative Update: With 48 Hours to Go, Still Awaiting Action on Paid Sick Days, Captive Audiences, Credit Reports and More

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With the legislative session ending on Wednesday at midnight, there’s a lot for employers to keep an eye out. Here’s a quick summary of what’s still alive and what’s not, at the Connecticut General Assembly. Senate Bill 365 (S.B. 365) – A bill that would prohibit so-called captive audience meetings by employers (typically regarding a… Continue Reading