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Legislative Update: Employee Training Required for Hotels, Inns on Human Trafficking

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Over the next week or so, I’ll be providing updates on various bills to pass (or fail) at the state general assembly.  They’re coming in fast and furious so patience is the order of the day. But as we review various bills, there are employment-related aspects in places that you might not think. The first… Continue Reading

Secret Wisdom from the “Stars” of the Legal Profession

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Last night, I had the opportunity to attend the Connecticut Bar Association’s awards dinner — titled, “Celebrate with the Stars”. It was a lovely event filled with accolades for some of the state’s best and brightest in the legal profession and beyond. Yeah yeah, I can hear some of you say. Just another lawyers’ dinner…. Continue Reading

The Perils of Social Media & Legal Considerations – Join Us!

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On Thursday, February 26th, I’ll be speaking on a panel discussion for the Connecticut Bar Association, Young Lawyers Section discussing the legal considerations of social media. The topic covers how the evolving world of new social media is constantly churning up interesting legal issues and problems. The panel will present insights on some of the… Continue Reading

Restrictive Covenants in Connecticut: Win Some, Lose Some for Employers

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In the July/August issue of the Connecticut Lawyer magazine, attorney Joseph Blyskal has the first of a two-part article on the state of restrictive covenants in employment agreements in Connecticut.  I’ve talked about this several times before (most recently earlier this summer), but the Connecticut Lawyer article is recommended reading as well (it’s behind a paywall). It’s worth reviewing… Continue Reading

What’s New at the CHRO? Commission Chair Collins Shares His Perspective

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At Monday’s Connecticut Legal Conference, CHRO Chair Gary Collins spoke for a bit about the developments at the oft-maligned agency since he’s come on board.  (You can follow all the tweets from the conference on Twitter using #ctlegalconf as the hashtag.)While he joked that attendees could just read this blog to find out what was going… Continue Reading

EEOC’s David Lopez Addresses Connecticut Bar Association

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The Connecticut Legal Conference on Monday (produced by the Connecticut Bar Association) had several noteworthy programs, including a few on labor & employment law.  In today’s post, I’m going to recap the presentation by David Lopez, the current EEOC General Counsel.   He talked about the Top 10 Developments in EEOC Litigation over the last… Continue Reading

Seminar Recap: All About the CHRO

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My colleague, Peter Murphy, was invited to speak at a recent Connecticut Bar Association panel about the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. Peter is well-versed in the intracacies of the agency and I asked Peter to share his insights from the panel discussion below. As Dan noted in a recent blog post, I… Continue Reading

The CHRO: What to Expect When You’re Expecting (a Charge)

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Next week, one of my colleagues, Peter Murphy will be at the Connecticut Bar Association to present a program entitled “CHRO 101 – From Complaint to Public Hearing”.   Full details are available at the CBA website. The program includes a discussion of The Complaint Process, MAR (Merit Assessment Review), and Mandatory Mediation, Responding to the Complaint… Continue Reading

CBA Annual Meeting: Resources on Social Media & Employment Law

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This afternoon, I’ll be speaking to the Connecticut Bar Association’s Annual Meeting on a topic that is familiar to blog readers: The Intersection of Employment Law and Social Media. If you’re attending, please stop by to say hi. There are a few resources that I’ll discuss in the presentation that I would recommend here: First,… Continue Reading

Beyond the Acronyms of CTFMLA, CHRO, and PSL, Lots of Substance Discussed at CBA Annual Meeting

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Following up on her post last week recapping part of the Connecticut Bar Association’s Annual Meeting on labor laws, Guest Poster Rita Trivedi is back with highlights from administrative law and employment law portions of the presentation. Again, my sincere thanks to her for this insightful post. I hope you all find it as interesting… Continue Reading

CBA’s Labor & Employment Quarterly Now Out

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As readers of this blog know, I enjoy passing along nuggets of information that you might otherwise overlook. One such publication is the Connecticut Bar Association’s Labor & Employment Quarterly which, truth be told, really gets published three times a year instead of four. But there is always something to pick up in the articles…. Continue Reading

Breakfast with the NLRB Region 34 Director – What’s New?

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Last year, I published a series of posts about the Connecticut Bar Association’s breakfast with NLRB Region 34 Director Jonathan Kreisberg. Kreisberg repeated that breakfast earlier this week. Although I was unable to personally attend, breakfast organizer Nicole Bernabo was kind enough to recap the event and agreed to share her recollections for the blog…. Continue Reading

Quick Hits: Employee Leave Under ADA, Law Review Articles, CBA Annual Meeting, Nonprofits, Boeing & NLRB

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As we wrap up a week with, go figure, more rain, we’re starting to get deep into the important part of the year: The Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. In the meantime, here are a few odds and ends you might have missed or you might be interested in surrounding the world of employment law: Giving employee’s… Continue Reading

CBA Labor & Employment Quarterly Now Out

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With spring just about here, it’s time for a little spring cleaning and time to catch up on some things you might have missed. Like me, you might have overlooked the Connecticut Bar Association’s Labor & Employment Quarterly which was published a short while ago.  If so, consider this your reminder that there are some… Continue Reading

Employment Law Articles from the CBA Labor & Employment Law Quarterly

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The Connecticut Bar Association’s Labor & Employment Law Section is out with their quarterly publication on various employment law articles. Among the topics this quarter: Connecticut’s Family Violence Leave Law "This isn’t discriminatory — and I’m not going to investigate it!" Retaliation? Good policy? The Definition of "Mental Disability" Under CFEPA 2010 Legislative Wrapup Hugh… Continue Reading

A Little Summer Reading: Catching Up on Various Employment Law Articles

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Although many of you have come to rely on the Connecticut Employment Law Blog as your source of information on employment law, it’s always smart to look at other sources of information for a more complete picture. Within the last few weeks, several articles have been recently published that are worth a look. First, the… Continue Reading

New Second Circuit Decision Takes Some of the “Judgment” Out of the “Business Judgment Rule”, Particularly for Union-Related Matters

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Let the politicians and the newspapers cite a new Second Circuit decision as being important for "saving jobs" in Connecticut. It makes for good press, but for employers, the decision is more important for a different reason than highlighted in the press: The Court has weakened one of the arguments that employers use to support their… Continue Reading

Social Media & Employment Law: A Seminar at the CBA Annual Meeting

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One week from today, I’ll be flying solo at a presentation to the Connecticut Bar Association’s Annual Meeting. Entitled "Up in the Air & In the "Cloud": Social Media & Employment Law", this session will discuss the basics of some of the major social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) plus preview what else is being… Continue Reading

CBA Labor & Employment Quarterly Now Online

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The Connecticut Bar Association’s Labor & Employment Section (led by my colleague Joshua Hawks-Ladds) has begun posting its quarterly newsletter online.  I expect to see more of this as the CBA moves to a new website next month. In the meantime, you can check out the latest issue here.  It features articles on:  Attorneys Fees… Continue Reading

CBA Labor & Employment Law Committee Meeting with New CHRO Executive Director

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Kudos to Robert Brothers, the new Executive Director of the CHRO, for agreeing to meet with the Connecticut Bar Association’s Labor & Employment Law Committee. It is now set for February 25, 2010 at 6 p.m. at the Crowne Plaza in Cromwell, Connecticut. Full details are available here as well as instructions on how you… Continue Reading

Informal Breakfast with NLRB Regional Director – (Part I) What’s Going On

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The Connecticut Bar Association’s Labor & Employment Section sponsored an informal breakfast with NLRB (Region 34) Regional Director Jonathan Kreisberg earlier today to talk about various issues in the labor arena. (Also in attendance were John Cotter, Deputy Regional Director and Terri Craig, Supervisory Attorney).  It was a terrific session with lots of substantive and… Continue Reading

Ricci v. DeStefano – Attorneys for Both Parties Put Their Spin on Decision & Its Impact for Employers

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CORRECTED LINK Over 100 people packed the Grand Courtroom of the Quinnipiac University School of Law last night to hear a panel presentation and discussion on the Ricci v. DeStefano case decided earlier this year by the United States Supreme Court. The event, sponsored, in part by the Young Lawyers Section of the Connecticut Bar Association,… Continue Reading

Connecticut Bar Association Schedules Program on “Discrimination Claims After Ricci v. DeStefano”

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Credit the Connecticut Bar Association Young Lawyers Section with landing all the major players in the Ricci v. DeStefano case for a panel discussion on August 18, 2009 at Quinnipiac University School of Lawl.  Full program details are available at the CBA’s website, including registration.  The panel brings together both the attorney representing the firefighters… Continue Reading

Choosing the Fork in the Road: Second Circuit Upholds Collective Bargaining Agreement Between CHRO and its Union Mandating Employees Elect Their Remedy (Court or Arbitration)

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It’s always interesting when the state agency responsible for enforcing discrimination claims is sued for discrimination itself. It’s even more interesting when the agency takes a position that is opposite of the view of the EEOC.  But a case decided on July 7th by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals sets up that scenario.  The… Continue Reading