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Citing Statistics, Yankee Institute Critical of CHRO — Again

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This week, the Yankee Institute for Public Policy, a self-described “free market” think tank, issued an article suggesting that Connecticut had nearly the same number of discrimination complaints as our neighboring state, Massachusetts. (This isn’t the first time it’s been critical of the CHRO.) In doing so, the Yankee Institute claimed that these statistics raise… Continue Reading

Deep Dive Into CHRO Case Statistics Show Increases in “Harassment” Claims

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As I did last year, after I posted on the general statistics of the CHRO to see if we could glean any trends, I took a deeper dive into what the statistics this year show.  And there were definitely a few surprises. Obviously, at the risk of repeating yesterday’s post, FY 2015-2016 was a very big… Continue Reading

New Statistics From CHRO Show Continued Rise in Discrimination Complaints

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At this week’s CHRO information session, I was able to review the new statistics released by the CHRO this fall regarding case filings and dismissals. They’ve now been posted live on the CHRO’s website here. It’s something I’ve covered each year and I’m always fascinated by what these statistics show — and don’t show. What’s… Continue Reading

Harassment and “Terms & Conditions” Claims Up Big; A Look at CHRO Statistics Part 2

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In yesterday’s post, I talked about how employment claims being filed are up big at the CHRO. Indeed, in looking at the statistics further, I realized that it is the second highest number of claims being filed in the last 15 years. So, FY 2015 was a very big year for claims. But typically, in… Continue Reading

New CHRO Case Statistics Show Big Jump In Claims Filed in Last Year

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The Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities released a new set of statistics yesterday (my thanks to CHRO liaison James O’Neill for the update which I had requested a while back).  Unlike years past, the statistics this year show some dramatic changes; those changes should have a significant impact on how employers view the agency… Continue Reading

Has IBM Found a Way Around the OWBPA and Should Others Follow?

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Last week, a story caught my eye and the attention of some of my colleagues.  As reported first by Bloomberg BNA, IBM has stopped providing the comparison information that is typically required in separation agreements for older workers under the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act. You may be wondering how that is possible.  Robin Shea,… Continue Reading

Numbers Show That Sexual Harassment Claims on the Decline

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Did he or didn’t he? That’s what political pundits and others have been debating the last few weeks regarding presidential candidate Herman Cain.  But a more interesting question is whether claims of sexual harassment are on the rise or not. Indeed, lost in the public discourse is a fact that isn’t talked about a lot:… Continue Reading

It’s Snow Joke: EEOC Statistics Show Increasing Numbers of Retaliation Cases Filed, But Then What?

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News flash: Record snows in Connecticut!  Second news flash: Record numbers of people are out of work and filing complaints of discrimination at the EEOC nationwide! Here’s the thing with both news flashes: They’re not entirely unexpected.  Sure, they’re in higher amounts than we’re accustomed to seeing, but both can be explained. (I’ll leave it… Continue Reading

Employment Discrimination Complaints at CHRO Up Slightly in 2009-2010

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The conventional wisdom in a down economy is that employment discrimination claims will skyrocket. While there have been some indications of that at a national level, the numbers in Connecticut tell a very different story. The state agency in Connecticut responsible for investigating discrimination complaints recently released its annual report (download here) for the fiscal… Continue Reading

CHRO Annual Report Shows Surprising Drop in Complaints Filed

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With the local economy suffering the effects of the economic recession, the prevailing wisdom of experts has been that the number of discrimination claims filed would continue to skyrocket. However, as I’ve pointed out before, we just haven’t seen that trend in Connecticut play out. New data just released by the Connecticut Commission on Human… Continue Reading

Numbers Galore: CHRO Statistics Reveal Interesting Trends – Part I

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Last week, I publicized the release of federal court statistics; that story has now been picked up by the American Lawyer which crunches the numbers in more detail.  But now you can break out your abacus again. The Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities has also just released their annual report (available for download here) which… Continue Reading