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General Assembly Committee Releases Report Critical of CHRO Complaint Processing

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Last week, the Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee released a 129-page report on the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, with a focus on Discrimination Complaint Processing.  You can download it here. The report is worth a deep dive at another time, and a final report from the Committee is due in January 2017…. Continue Reading

Employer Can Refuse to Pay Commissions After Termination — Under Certain Conditions

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Thanks to all who came to our Labor & Employment seminar on Thursday. Our biggest crowd yet. In it, we talked about the importance of offer letters.  Marc Herman returns today with a post updating us on a recent Connecticut Supreme Court decision that came out while I was on vacation a while back that… Continue Reading

Can an Employer Ever Win at the CHRO?

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I sometimes lament that employers get the short end of the stick when it comes to matters before the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.  There’s little doubt, as I’ve said before, that more cases are being retained for investigation. But what happens after an investigation has concluded that there is “reasonable cause” to believe that discrimination occurred?… Continue Reading

What’s New at the CHRO? Commission Chair Collins Shares His Perspective

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At Monday’s Connecticut Legal Conference, CHRO Chair Gary Collins spoke for a bit about the developments at the oft-maligned agency since he’s come on board.  (You can follow all the tweets from the conference on Twitter using #ctlegalconf as the hashtag.)While he joked that attendees could just read this blog to find out what was going… Continue Reading

The CHRO: What to Expect When You’re Expecting (a Charge)

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Next week, one of my colleagues, Peter Murphy will be at the Connecticut Bar Association to present a program entitled “CHRO 101 – From Complaint to Public Hearing”.   Full details are available at the CBA website. The program includes a discussion of The Complaint Process, MAR (Merit Assessment Review), and Mandatory Mediation, Responding to the Complaint… Continue Reading

Computer Problems Continue to Plague CHRO

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Over the last year or so, I have been hearing on and off about problems that the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) has been having with its computer system.  Want statistics about how many cases are open or closed? Good luck, I’ve been told.  In fact, the detailed statistics that the CHRO… Continue Reading

CHRO Attorney Agrees Emphasis at Agency “Has Shifted From MAR to Mediation”

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Earlier this week, I wrote about the perception among some that the CHRO has been retaining more cases for investigation by letting more cases through the Merit Assessment Review.  These cases that used to be dismissed — mainly “frivolous” ones as  I’ve collectively termed them — mean more headaches for employers who have to spend… Continue Reading

Audit Highlights Significant Issues with CHRO

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A new state auditor’s report released this month shows that the CHRO continues to struggle with compliance with statutory timeframes. The report — which can be downloaded here — shows that from 2007-2009, 56 percent of the cases exceeded the statutory maximum of 370 days.   As the report notes, “the longer it takes to… Continue Reading

Appellate Court’s Footnote Suggests Faults in CHRO’s Interpretation of Emotional Distress Damages

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Back in February 2009, I talked at length about whether compensatory damages (for things such as emotional distress) was properly awarded in employment discrimination claims that proceeded to a hearing at the CHRO.  I went on to say back then that I believed the agency and the human rights referees at the agency had been… Continue Reading

General Assembly Approves Significant Changes to CHRO Process

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The dust is still settling on the flurry of activity in the closing hours of the General Assembly last night. It’s going to take a few days to get caught up on all the bills that were passed.  Watch for more updates soon. One of the bills that will merit a closer look is House… Continue Reading

The Basics: Sales Representatives’ Commissions Governed By Separate Statute

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Continuing our series of posts on some of the basics of employment law, the following is an example of how laws affecting the workplace may not be as obvious as they first appear. Most of the wage payment laws in Connecticut are set up in Title 31 of the Connecticut General Statutes. (Yes, probably more… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: USERRA Releases, DeepNet, World Cup, Telecommuting, Facebook Messages, Overtime on Commssions, Interns

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With all the news about recent Supreme Court decisions, here are a few articles that you might of missed over the last few weeks: The Ohio Employer’s Law Blog reports on an interesting 6th Circuit decision that allows a USERRA claim (the statute that guarantees job restoration after military service) to be released in a separation… Continue Reading

The “Auto Dealership Addendum” – An Unpublished Guide by Connecticut DOL About Commissioned Employees

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With the internet, we’ve grown accustomed to everything being on online.  But every once in a while there are still a few nuggets of useful information that are only available in print format.  Once such document is a 30-page document entitled "Auto Dealership Addendum" published by the Wage & Workplace Standards Division of the Connecticut… Continue Reading

CHRO Executive Director Acknowledges Past Shortcomings, Promises Changes

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At a packed gathering last night, new CHRO Executive Director Robert Brothers, Jr. did his best to defend the agency over the past mistakes while urging that he not be judged on that past history. He acknowledged in a meeting of the Connecticut Bar Association’s Labor & Employment Law Section that there "have been a… Continue Reading

Conn. Supreme Court: Advances on Commissions Need Not Be Repaid, Unless Agreement Explicitly Says So

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Continuing a very busy Wednesday in employment law (where were all these cases earlier this month?), the Connecticut Supreme Court issued a noteworthy decision on a few different wage issues. Because of time limitations, I’ll address the case in a few separate posts. The case, Ravetto v. Triton Thalassic Technologies, Inc. et al. , was… Continue Reading