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Connecticut Legislative Session Preview: Is a New State Overtime Rule In Play?

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The Connecticut General Assembly is back in session and with significant budget deficits looming, it’s not going to be an easy year for legislators. From a labor and employment law session, once again it will be interesting to see what will be seriously considered. A Bloomberg Law article late last week suggested that Democrats in… Continue Reading

What’s Cooking at the General Assembly in 2016 (Part II)

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So last week I provided a recap of a few of the labor & employment law bills still being kicked around the legislature.  From talking with a few folks in on the process, here are some other bills to keep an eye on (whether in this original form or as an amendment to an existing… Continue Reading

Proposed Bills Are First Up on Labor Committee’s Agenda

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The first few days of the new Connecticut legislative session are, dare I say it, kind of fun from an outsider perspective. That is, if you know what you are looking at. Why? Because it’s the time when legislators start submitting “proposed” bills. But these proposals are far from polished products. Sometimes, these proposals are… Continue Reading

Facebook Password “Privacy” Bill Is An Answer In Search of a Problem

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The Connecticut General Assembly’s Labor & Public Employee Committee today is considering drafting a proposed bill “to prevent current or potential employers from requesting or requiring that employees or potential employees provide passwords to their personal accounts as a condition of their employment.” I won’t mince words. Proposed Senate Bill 159 is a bad idea.  It’s a solution in search of… Continue Reading

2013 Legislative Session: Minimum Wage, Captive Audience and an Employer’s Bill of Rights

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The Connecticut General Assembly is back at work so it’s time to take a quick peek to see what’s percolating. The Connecticut Business and Industry Association highlighted the “captive audience” bill as bill that is resurfacing, even though the Attorney General has previously raised doubts about the constitutionality of it.  The bill would restrict communications… Continue Reading

Unemployment Discrimination Bill Stays Alive at Legislature

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After being reported out of the Joint Committee on Commerce earlier this month, Senate Bill 79 received a joint favorable vote from the Labor & Public Employee Committee earlier today meaning that bill stays alive in this legislative session. Senate Bill 79, even as revised, would prohibit employers from discriminating against an individual because that… Continue Reading

Legislative Session Begins; Discrimination Against Unemployed on the Agenda

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The new legislative session at the Connecticut General Assemblybegan last week and the Labor & Public Employee Committee wasted no time setting an agenda for bills for discussion in this short legislative session. At a committee meeting last Thursday, the Committee discussed a variety of items to be discussed and proposed as bills.  Among the… Continue Reading

Legislative Update: CHRO & Affirmative Action; Gender Identity Discrimination; Paid Sick Days; Credit Reports; Workplace Bullying

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The Connecticut General Assembly is heating up and a number of employment-related bills are still alive this legislative session. The Labor & Public Employee Committee has voted a number of bills out, meaning that they’re up for consideration by either the House or Senate, or another committee.  These include: HB 5460 (which would prohibit so-called… Continue Reading

It’s Back! Paid Sick Leave Bill Narrowly Passes Committee; On the General Assembly

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The oft-debated paid sick leave bill has made another appearance at the legislature. And as in the past, it has been voted out of the committee, this time by a narrow vote of 6-5 on Thursday, March 3rd. None of this ought to come as any surprise. It’s been voted out of committee for the last… Continue Reading

What Keeps You Up at Night: Wage & Hour Rx

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Tomorrow, I’ll be speaking as part of the CBIA Wage & Hour Rx program.  Full details are available here.  The presentation will focus on the issues that can keep employers up at night and how employers can dig themselves out of some of the problems that they may face. But in preparation for that presentation, I… Continue Reading

Cloud Computing and Employers: The Sky’s The Limit

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In Monday’s New York Times, there’s a lengthy piece about how companies in the United States are slowly joining cloud computing.  The concerns about the use of cloud computing are not new, but companies are still grappling with how to address those concerns: Now cloud providers are trying to bring these types of flexible services… Continue Reading