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Hiring Without Headaches – A Possibility or Fantasy?

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So this week, I’ll be speaking at our firm’s semi-annual Labor & Employment Law seminar.  Amazingly, we have reached capacity for this event and are now taking names for a waiting list! Many thanks to all who have signed up.  It should be a lot of fun. Frequent blog contributor (and, well, a colleague) Chris… Continue Reading

Is Hiring Without Headaches Even Possible?

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In the course of my litigation cases, I’ve had a good-natured argument at times with a few counsel who represent employees about the mindset of employers.  The argument I’ve heard from them is that employers are too cavalier in firing employees and just go about hiring someone else (someone younger, they argue). But what I’ve… Continue Reading

General Assembly Approves Ban on Use Of Credit Reports by Employers

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In the last flurry of action, the Connecticut House last night approved Senate Bill 361, which bans the use of credit reports in hiring and promotions, in certain situations by certain employers.  The bill had previously been approved by the state Senate. I recapped the bill in detail a few days ago.  There are a… Continue Reading

Legislative Update: Workplace Violence & Bullying; Public Employee FMLA Leave; Captive Audience; Paid Sick Leave; Criminal Records; Credit Reports

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The Connecticut General Assembly is in full swing with the budget dominating the discussion. But expect to hear of several high-profile bills continuing to make their way through the legislature.  Here is a brief update on a few of them: Last week, the House unanimously passed H.B. 5174 which deals with workplace violence in the… Continue Reading

Legislative Update: CHRO & Affirmative Action; Gender Identity Discrimination; Paid Sick Days; Credit Reports; Workplace Bullying

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The Connecticut General Assembly is heating up and a number of employment-related bills are still alive this legislative session. The Labor & Public Employee Committee has voted a number of bills out, meaning that they’re up for consideration by either the House or Senate, or another committee.  These include: HB 5460 (which would prohibit so-called… Continue Reading

Legislative Roundup: New Labor & Employment Laws — Where Are They??

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UPDATED The Connecticut General Assembly ended its regular session last night. As far as new laws affecting employers, the session certainly ends with a whimper.  For many employers, the big news is that the paid sick leave bill once again failed.  This time it wasn’t even put up for a vote in either chamber of… Continue Reading

What’s Still Alive for the 2010 General Assembly Session

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With some notable exceptions, only the bills that make it out of the Labor & Public Employee Committee have a chance for passage in the 2010 General Assembly session. (Of course, some measures get put in as amendments to other bills, but that’s still more of the exception than the rule).  So it’s worth taking… Continue Reading

Legislative Session Ends with No Action on Captive Audience, Paid Sick Leave and Credit Report Bills

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Whether it’s due to stall tactics by some Republicans last night, as they suggested in an article in the Courant this morning, or simply other things on the agenda, several bills that would have had a major impact on employers were not passed in the closing hours of the legislative session last night. Among the… Continue Reading

Afternoon Legislative Update: Keeping Eyes on Bill Prohibiting Use of Credit Reports

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For the second time in a month, the legislature has tucked an amendment into a bill that seemingly had no relationship to the original bill and that will have a significant impact on employers in the Connecticut. Latest case in point: Senate Bill 80 (S.B. 80) which is titled "AN ACT CONCERNING ELECTRONIC UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION… Continue Reading

Legislative Update: Conn. House Approves Bill Banning Use of Credit Reports for Employment Decisions

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Last week, the Connecticut House approved House Bill 5521 (H.B. 5521), which would bar Connecticut employers from using credit reports in their employment decisions such as hiring and firing.  You can download the bill’s text here.  The bill’s main provisions would prohibit employers from asking employees or prospective employee to consent to the creation of… Continue Reading

Legislative Update: What’s Still Alive for the Current Session?

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With the budget issues looming large over this session of the General Assembly, it’s tough to get a handle on what labor & employment law bills are still a possibility for this session. One way to do that is to check to see what bills have been reported out of the Labor & Public Employees committee because if the… Continue Reading