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Legislative Update: Modified “Ban the Box” Bill Approved in Connecticut

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Remember “Ban the Box” and the fair chance employment bill from earlier in the session? Well, it passed last night. Sort of. An amendment to the original bill essentially wiped the prior version clean.  Thus, whatever you think you knew about the measure you can put that aside. What passed last night (House Bill 5237)… Continue Reading

Save the Date: “Raiders of the Data Ark” Is a Blockbuster Coming Soon

Posted in Data Privacy, Human Resources (HR) Compliance

First off, I should let you know that I am a poor substitute for Harrison Ford. But, don’t let that dissuade you from saving October 16th as the date for a terrific conference that I’m helping to plan.  The title is “Raiders of the Data Ark” and the subject is “2014 Data Privacy & Cyber… Continue Reading

Major Retailer Bans Use of Criminal History as Factor in Job Applications

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In various posts, I’ve talked about how there is a slow but increasing trend to encourage employers to “ban the box” when it comes to job applications. That catchy (yet non-descriptive phrase) refers to a checkbox that is often found on job applications that asks applicants if they have any criminal convictions. The news this… Continue Reading

Five Years Later, Overruled Statute on Religious Discrimination in Connecticut Remains On the Books

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As I get closer to the five year anniversary of this blog next month, I continue to take a look again at topics I covered early on.  One of those topics was the oft-overlooked statute of Conn. Gen. Stat. 53-303e.  That statute purports to make it a crime for employers to require employees to work… Continue Reading

Your Foot Doctor (and Others) Are Mandated Reporters on Elder Abuse

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In my post last week about the reporting of crimes, an avid reader of the blog left a great comment that noted that elder abuse must also be reported by certain class of people.  Since many of you may not be aware of such a requirement, it can be found at Conn. Gen. Stat. 17b-451… Continue Reading

Guest Post: Crime May Not Pay, But Petty Theft May Pay Unemployment Compensation

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As we enter a holiday weekend, my colleague, Mick Lavelle uncovered an odd circumstance of unemployment compensation law.  He discusses it below. Have a great holiday weekend. The old adage that crime does not pay has been slightly modified by the Connecticut Department of Labor, Employment Security Division, which administers unemployment compensation benefits. Unemployment compensation… Continue Reading