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Legislative Update: Modified “Ban the Box” Bill Approved in Connecticut

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Remember “Ban the Box” and the fair chance employment bill from earlier in the session? Well, it passed last night. Sort of. An amendment to the original bill essentially wiped the prior version clean.  Thus, whatever you think you knew about the measure you can put that aside. What passed last night (House Bill 5237)… Continue Reading

“Ban the Box” Bill Would Also Protect Felons From Discrimination

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As the General Assembly session heats up, several legislators are calling for passage of the so-called “Ban the Box” legislation. Versions of this have been floated for years, but one legislator called this year’s bill the “most important bill” to come out of the legislature this year. So, that means that employers ought to keep… Continue Reading

So Much for a Quiet Legislative Session on Employment Law Issues

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When I made predictions/wishes for 2015 at the end of last year, I offered up one on what the Connecticut General Assembly might do: My Prediction: We’ll see a new rule or two, but with all the mandates that have been passed in the last four years, I expect there to be more bluster from politicians, but that we’ll actually see a bit less interference… Continue Reading

“Wage Theft”: The Trendy Phrase That May Not Mean What You Think It Means

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been seeing more tweets from human resources types and mainstream reporters using the phrase “wage theft”.  Two recent examples? William Tincup (who runs the popular online DriveThruHR show that I appeared on a while ago) recently tweeted: RT Wage Theft Another Assault on Workers’ Compensation @jongelman — William Tincup,… Continue Reading

Major Retailer Bans Use of Criminal History as Factor in Job Applications

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In various posts, I’ve talked about how there is a slow but increasing trend to encourage employers to “ban the box” when it comes to job applications. That catchy (yet non-descriptive phrase) refers to a checkbox that is often found on job applications that asks applicants if they have any criminal convictions. The news this… Continue Reading

EEOC Releases Important Guidance on Use of Criminal and Arrest Records By Employers

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The EEOC yesterday released important new guidance for employers on the use of arrest and conviction records by employers under Title VII.  You can read the guidance here as well as a short question-and-answer document too.  For employers in Connecticut, this new guidance only adds to the state-specific rules we have here in state and should… Continue Reading

The Basics: Background Checks in Connecticut

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If you’re wondering if the applicant you’re planning on hiring is a closet Justin Bieber fan or a Russian spy, odds are that a background check won’t uncover that information.  What is may, uncover, however is whether that applicant has been arrested for say, vomiting on a police officer’s kid at a baseball game …. Continue Reading

General Assembly Overrules Veto of Criminal Background Check Bill

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After months of on-again, off-again views, the Connecticut General Assembly yesterday overruled Governor Rell’s veto of House Bill 5207, which changes the way that the State of Connecticut can conduct background checks on job applicants.  You can view of the text of the bill here.  With yesterday’s vote, it will now go into effect on… Continue Reading

Rell Vetoes Bill Limiting Use of Criminal Background Checks for State Applicants

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I can’t say I saw this one coming. I’ve previously reported on a bill (H.B. 5207) that passed the legislature.  That bill restricts the use of background checks for prospective state employees until after job offers have been made. Yesterday, Governor Rell vetoed the measure (H/T CT Mirror). In her veto message, she states that while… Continue Reading

House Votes to Ban Criminal Background Checks for Public Employees Until After Job Offer

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Despite initial opposition from the Chief State’s Attorney and other state officials, the  Connecticut House of Representatives today approved a bill that would limit the use of criminal background checks on state workers. I’ve discussed the bill in a prior post.  The text of the bill (with an amendment that passed) is attached.  Specifically, the… Continue Reading

A Primer on When Criminal Background Checks Are Required By Statute

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Criminal background checks have, in many ways, never been easier for employers. The internet has made that process quicker, cheaper and more transparent. And yet, the question of "when" must employers run a criminal background check remains confusing. There are various laws on the subject but they are in different sections of the law and… Continue Reading