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Election 2016: Three Employment Law Debate Questions for Hillary Clinton

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Yesterday, I offered up three questions for moderators to use during the Presidential Debates to question Donald Trump on employment law issues. Today is Secretary Hillary Clinton’s turn. Secretary Clinton, the National Labor Relations Board has been quite active in the Obama years; in fact, despite the failure of Congress to pass the Employee Free… Continue Reading

Election 2016: Three Employment Law Debate Questions For Donald Trump

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Each election cycle, I hope that employment law issues will move front and center to the Presidential campaign. And each cycle, I’m slightly disappointed that such issues only get short shrift.  Sigh. But as I’ve done before, it would be nice to fantasize about employment law questions that could be posed to the candidates at the… Continue Reading

Example #438 of Why You Need a Social Media Policy

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance, Social Media

Thanks to all who came and attended our employment law seminar at the Hartford Club today. As a reminder, we’re running another one on October 18th.  More information is available here. At today’s seminar, we talked about the need for companies to implement a social media policy and also about how social media can get out of… Continue Reading

Election 2012: What Debate Question Would You Ask Vice President Biden?

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Next up in this week’s series of employment law-related debate questions for the candidates: Vice President Joe Biden. One of the big ideas of the administration early on was the Employee Free Choice Act. It’s an act that you publicly showed strong support for. The bill never passed and some of the ideas regarding “card check”… Continue Reading

Election 2012: What Debate Questions Would You Ask Mitt Romney?

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All this week, this blog (and other employment law blogs — here, here, here and here) are posting employment law-related questions for the major-party candidates for President and Vice President.  Today’s turn: Mitt Romney. (For a recap of this process — and a reminder that these questions should not be interpreted as being “for” or “against”… Continue Reading

Election 2012: Debate Questions for President Obama

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With the Presidential election just six weeks away, we have yet to see any of the major party candidates tackle employment law issues in detail.  That, of course, is not surprising. But as we head towards the debates, I talked with several other employment lawyers who run blogs and we thought we could bring some… Continue Reading

What One Question Regarding Labor & Employment Law Would You Ask the Candidates During the Debates?

Posted in Laws and Regulations

The Presidential debates and Vice-Presidential debate are coming up later this month.  A lot has been written about what the candidates’ respective positions are (and a lot has been written on everything BUT the issues).  For some recent discussions of various issues, check out posts this week from the Delaware Employment Law Blog, Ohio Employer’s Law… Continue Reading