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Two Weeks Until New Protections for Pregnant Employees Become Effective

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For those unfamiliar with the way a lot of Connecticut laws get implemented, October 1st could seem like just another day.  (Though for my kids, they would be impressed that it was a different October 1st in 1982 that EPCOT opened at Disney World.) But a lot of bills that are passed by the Connecticut… Continue Reading

Intern Anti-Discrimination Bill Signed By Governor

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Capitol Watch — The Hartford Courant’s political site – tweeted the following yesterday: Gov. Malloy has signed a bill protecting interns from workplace harassment and discrimination. — Capitol Watch (@capitolwatch) June 22, 2015 And a review of the Governor’s website reflects that approval in the bill notification release. (I read them so you don’t have… Continue Reading

Do Camp Counselors and Baby Sitters Have to be Paid Minimum Wage?

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My kids are at overnight camp this week and of course, my brain never stops thinking about cute employment law lessons that can be gleaned from everyday experiences. So, you may wonder: do camp counselors who, after all, spend 24/7 with the kids, have to be paid minimum wage? And what about babysitters that you… Continue Reading

A New Whistleblower Retaliation Statute Grows Up: Dodd-Frank is the new Sarbanes-Oxley.

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Reading the headline, I’m sure a few of you rolled your eyes.  Dodd-Frank? Sarbanes-Oxley? Those statutes are seen as dull and tedious.  But a new federal court decision in Connecticut should start to change that, and it has implications for employers nationwide.  The case is Kramer v. Trans-Lux, which you can download here. It addressed an employer’s motion… Continue Reading

Municipalities Get Ready: Paid Sick Leave Applies to You Too

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One of the things that law school teaches you is to read the definitions of words in any new law that is passed. Why? Because a word like “employer” may be defined differently than what you would expect. That’s a hard concept for real employers to understand. After all, how can you be an “employer”… Continue Reading

More on Velez: How This Decision Might Impact Employers

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My post yesterday on a new Superior Court decision in Velez v. Mayfield has generated a lot of discussion from the counsel for the individual who brought the suit. (You can also view the original DOL decision here.)  As I mentioned in the update, the case is being appealed so it’s very likely we’ll get… Continue Reading

Connecticut Supreme Court Answers the Question of Who is an “Employee” Under Unpaid Wage Law

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The Connecticut Supreme Court today addressed the issue of who is an "employee" under a provision of the state’s unpaid wage law that allows individuals to institute a civil action.  (Conn. Gen. Stat. Sec. 31-72). That statute basically says that when wages aren’t paid under some other provisions (sections 31-71a to 31-71i), the employee may… Continue Reading

Text of Proposed EEOC Regulations on GINA Now Available

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UPDATED 3/2/09 with New Link to Proposed Regulations The text of the proposed new regulations on GINA have finally trickled out (you can download a copy here).  Ross Runkel (whose stakes a claim to being "First in Employment Law") finally tracked it down earlier today. It’s a 58-page document though much of what it contains has been… Continue Reading

What Employers Need to Know About the ADA Amendments Act of 2008

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President Bush’s signature is expected any day now on the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (click for my prior posts here), which represent some of the most important changes to federal employment laws in over a decade.  For employers in Connecticut, there is going to need to be some synthesis with Connecticut’s anti-discrimination laws so employers should… Continue Reading