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Recommendations for Uber Are Roadmap for All?

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If you had a million dollars (or more) to investigate your culture, what would you find out? (Music fans may appreciate the classic “If I Had a Million Dollars” song from the Barenaked Ladies. You’re welcome.) Well, Uber engaged a lawfirm, Covington & Burling, and the former Attorney General Eric Holder to do just that… Continue Reading

Consistency in Policy Application Critical for Employers

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As I talked in yesterday’s post, I moderated a community forum on Religion and the Workplace at my firm. We had a terrific crowd and I’m grateful to all the speakers for making time out of their busy days to come. I have posted on this blog before about some of things we talked about… Continue Reading

Let’s Talk About Religion and the Workplace

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As I hinted at the beginning of the year, I expected topics relating to religion to take front and center this year. And certainly, the events of the first few months have supported that. Today, I’ll be moderating a community forum at my firm, Shipman & Goodwin LLP, entitled “Gotta Have Faith? Religion in the… Continue Reading

What Can Google Books Data Search Tell Us About Employment Law Trends?

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance

Among the things we take for granted now is that information about anything and everything has always been available. (Indeed, if you want to really take a trip back in history, read this article about Time’s pick of the Personal Computer for its Man of the Year award in 1982.) Google has been at the… Continue Reading

Are We Talking About Race in the Workplace or Are We “Cowards”? AG Holder’s Compelling Speech

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Yesterday, I had seen some headlines at first about Attorney General Eric Holder’s comments discussing race, but had simply glossed over them. After all, it was a busy workday and well, was there going to be anything new? But by late in the day, I received an e-mail from a former law professor of mine. … Continue Reading

How to Catch Up After Vacation – Employment Law Posts and Musings

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Like countless others today, I’m back from vacation  — and looking to dig out from the mail and e-mails that have built up, and the unread blog posts over the last 10 days. Avoiding the temptation to just "delete all", here are a few of the blog posts I’ve starred (you ARE using Google Reader,… Continue Reading