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Where Are Your Employees? (Hint: It May Not Be Facebook Anymore)

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I recently gave a presentation on social media to a local non-profit and had the opportunity to review some of the latest statistics when it comes to the use of social media. Frankly, I knew that there has been a shift away from Facebook for some younger people but even I was surprised by the… Continue Reading

Read About the Absolute Very Latest on Social Media (Before It Disappears)

Posted in Highlight, Human Resources (HR) Compliance, Social Media

Today, I spoke at my firm’s semi-annual Labor & Employment seminar on seemingly everyone’s favorite topic lately: social media. We had a huge crowd today and had a lot of audience participation.  I know I speak for my whole department in thanking those who attended. One of the topics that several people spoke to me… Continue Reading

Connecticut Personnel Files – What’s Included and What’s Not

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance

Last month, I suggested that there was not necessarily a "crisis" in personnel file litigation in Connecticut, because the rules for personnel files had long been established.  Given that this blog has been discussing document management policies this week, it would be fair to say, however, that many employers could do a better job managing and keeping track of… Continue Reading

When an Employer Is Sued (or Even Before) — Preserve Electronic Data

Posted in Litigation

You’re an employer in Connecticut. You’ve just been sued.   Besides contacting a lawyer (and you ARE contacting a lawyer, right?), what else are you doing about the new case?  A new case in Connecticut suggests that preserving electronic data should be a top priority.  Why? Because under new court rules, failure to do so could… Continue Reading