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In Firing Employees, A Bit of Humanity Still Helps

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Your employee that you are firing should not hear about his firing from a television report first. I suppose that would seem an obvious rule to follow. But apparently not. Let me back up. Earlier today, the President fired FBI Director James Comey — an act that really is more for politics blogs, than an employment… Continue Reading

Phishing Scam Targets HR Professionals By Seeking W-2s

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With the new year upon us, cyberthieves are once again attempting to prey on unwitting HR professionals, as my colleague William Roberts explained in an article last week for SHRM on phishing. The scam goes like this. As an HR professional, you get an e-mail from your boss (or your boss’s boss) that seems legitimate…and… Continue Reading

Protecting Confidential Information from Untrustworthy Employees

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My colleague Gary Starr returns today with a story worth reading about the need for employers to secure confidential information.  Although it is based on Massachusetts, the concepts it covers may have some carryover to employers elsewhere as well.   Employers that maintain records of their employees and customers and allow employees have access to confidential… Continue Reading

You’re Fired! What Back to the Future Can Still Teach Us About the Workplace

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Confession: Back to the Future is my favorite movie (though ask me in two months and I’ll probably say it’s actually Star Wars — employment lawyer’s prerogative). So, how could I let “Back to the Future” day pass without an employment law-related post! For those (strange) people who don’t know what I’m talking about —… Continue Reading

Can You Keep a Secret in Human Resources?

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Earlier this month, The New York Times ran another column in its Workalogist series that asked the following question: Are conversations with a human resources department confidential? I’m contemplating retirement in about three years and would like to gather benefit information from human resources now — but I do not want my supervisor to know…. Continue Reading

NLRB and the “Purple” Crayon: NLRB Rewrites Its Decision on Employer E-mail

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The NLRB, right now, is union-friendly. We know it. Employers know it. Politicians know it. The unions know it. It’s stacked 3-2 with Democrat appointees so the NLRB taking its training wheels off and is doing what it has always done. It has shifted its decisions based on the politics. Yesterday represented just the latest… Continue Reading

Not Every Action By Employers Can Be the Basis of a Lawsuit

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My colleague, Jarad Lucan, returns today with a primer on what it takes to establish a “prima facie” case of discrimination — the bare minimum to get the case to be considered by a court.  Today, we focus on the third element — the “adverse employment action”. What is that, you ask? Read on. If… Continue Reading

Employers Checking Employee E-mail: The Split Continues

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Last year, employers were taken aback when a New Jersey court ruled that an employee did have some expectation of privacy of e-mails she sent to her attorney using work computers.  The case, Stengart v. Loving Care Agency became one of the most talked about cases of the year.  Last week, a California court came… Continue Reading

Facebook Fatigue: How Issues Over Employee Use of Social Media Have Become Mainstream

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Another day, another story about an employee in hot water over Facebook posts.  It’s becoming so commonplace that I must admit a bit of Facebook Fatigue on the subject.  I mean, how many stories do we need about an employee who says something that they think is private on Facebook only to later discover that… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: Unpaid Interns, Employee E-mail Privacy, LinkedIn Recommendations, Advice from the “Enemy”, Retaliation, The “Restroom Issue”

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With my work on the Law & Technology Symposium for the Connecticut Bar Foundation last week, there are several employment law topics that I haven’t had time to discuss in full. While I’ve shared some of these links via my Twitter feed (which you can find at, I thought I would recap some of… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: Ricci Webinar, Performance Reviews, Web-Based E-mail, Two-Member NLRB Decisions, Retirees vs. Employees, “Engaging” Work Environments

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With the holiday weekend now firmly behind us (and hopefully the wet weather and storms behind us too), it seems like a good time to recap some items you might have missed over the last few weeks in employment law.  First, a gentle reminder that our free webinar on the Supreme Court’s decision on Ricci v…. Continue Reading

Quick Takes: Firing Via E-mail, COBRA, EFCA, Facebook, Last-Chance Agreements & Restrictive Covenants

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Employment law is quite the hot topic among various blogs. So much so that it’s time for the next installment of Quick Takes — a quick summary of what’s new and noteworthy. Don’t miss the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog’s post on how NOT to fire an employee. In the post, Jon Hyman describes how an employer… Continue Reading

You’ve Been Sued; What Phrases Are “Hot” for Electronic Discovery Searches?

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance

UPDATED 12/3/08 During this decade, electronic discovery has moved from the fringes into the mainstream when litigating employment law claims.  What does this mean? In many cases, employers must now run keyword searches and other types of searches on their computer systems to find information that might be relevant to the lawsuit at issue. But what search terms… Continue Reading

NLRB: Employers May Limit Use of Employees’ Use of E-mail For “Non Job-Related Solicitations”

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance, Labor Law & NLRB

On Friday afternoon — conveniently right before a long holiday weekend — the NLRB dropped a significant decision on an important issue — whether an employer may set up a policy that, in turn, prohibits employees from using the employer’s e-mail system for any "non-job-related solicitations."  The NLRB answered "yes" in the case of The Guard Publishing… Continue Reading