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A Look Back at Obama’s (First?) Four Years and Employment Law

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Finally, today is Election Day.   And while the pundits tonight will all look forward to what the next four years might bring, it’s worth taking a quick peek back at Obama’s (first?) four years with a review of some of the posts from 2008-9. Before his term, there were predictions that he would be good… Continue Reading

Election 2012: What Debate Question Would You Ask Vice President Biden?

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Next up in this week’s series of employment law-related debate questions for the candidates: Vice President Joe Biden. One of the big ideas of the administration early on was the Employee Free Choice Act. It’s an act that you publicly showed strong support for. The bill never passed and some of the ideas regarding “card check”… Continue Reading

The State of the Employment Law Practice – “Boom Times” for the NLRB

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The new and improved Connecticut Bar Association Annual Meeting went off without a hitch on Monday, chock full of information about labor & employment law.  Besides my seminar on the intersection of social media and employment law, the CBA held a forum in the afternoon on the "Practice of Labor & Employment Law in the Current Economy:… Continue Reading

Before the Ball Drops — 2009: The Year of Ricci v. DeStefano And…

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2009 will not go down as the most exciting year for employment law. There were a number of "honorable mentions" for items that have had an impact, but nothing — in my view really stands out. I suppose for Connecticut, the Ricci v. DeStefano case has to be put up at the top of the… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: DPUC’s Ban on Personnel Decisions, Title VII Deadlines, Two Member NLRB Panels, Arbitrations, SCOTUS

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Another manic Monday. So it’s time to roll out another edition of quick hits where I highlight stories you might have missed over the last week or two. Today’s Hartford Courant reports on a move by the DPUC to prohibit some companies from laying off workers.  My law partner, Joshua Hawks-Ladds — who is also chair… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: EFCA Update; Racial Harassment, Strategic Economic Planning Document,, Non-Compete Agreements, New ADA Regulations

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It’s been a busy week. The ABA Journal’s Legal Rebels project stopped by for a visit yesterday. We talked about the blog and how attorneys and clients can really take advantage of technology.  (We also talked about bar association activities; my public thanks to all the people on the various task forces and committees as… Continue Reading

Update: Where is EFCA Going – A “Compromise” or Defeat?

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The conventional wisdom lately is that the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA or "Card Check" to others) will not pass in its current form.  (You can find my prior coverage of the EFCA here.)  Over the last few days, however, various "compromises" have been floated. (H/T Shopfloor.) Of course, the very word "compromise" suggests some… Continue Reading

Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA): Likelihood of Passage in Current Form Dims

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Over the last few weeks or so, plenty of commentators have been hyperventilating over the Employee Free Choice Act — a bill pending in Congress. I’ve resisted the urge to do so in the belief that we were still a long way from passage and that the concepts in the bill were going to go… Continue Reading

Legislative Update: What’s Still Alive for the Current Session?

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With the budget issues looming large over this session of the General Assembly, it’s tough to get a handle on what labor & employment law bills are still a possibility for this session. One way to do that is to check to see what bills have been reported out of the Labor & Public Employees committee because if the… Continue Reading

EFCA Day – Bill Expected to be Introduced Today; Senate Vote Tally Unclear

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After months of nonstop speculation, the Employee Free Choice Act bill, which was introduced last year in Congress, is expected to be introduced later today by Rep. George Miller of California.  But its passage this year is far from certain.  As the EFCA Report blog and others have stated, several senators, including Sen. Arlen Specter’s… Continue Reading

Quick Takes: Firing Via E-mail, COBRA, EFCA, Facebook, Last-Chance Agreements & Restrictive Covenants

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Employment law is quite the hot topic among various blogs. So much so that it’s time for the next installment of Quick Takes — a quick summary of what’s new and noteworthy. Don’t miss the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog’s post on how NOT to fire an employee. In the post, Jon Hyman describes how an employer… Continue Reading

Quick Takes on a Snow Day: EFCA, Lilly Ledbetter, Girl Scout Cookies, E-Verify, Twitter in Workplace

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Another snow day. The winter continues its white deliverance. But in the meantime, the employment law world never stops.  Here are some items to keep you up to speed on what’s been happenning locally and nationally. The latest projections are that the Employee Free Choice Act will be brought up for debate in Congress sometime… Continue Reading

New White House Site Details Official Agenda But Where Is EFCA

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With the change in the administration, the official White House website is now up. It’s still a little sparse now but has such nifty features as an official White House blog.  Of more relevance to employers and businesses, however, is the detailed list of the new adminstration’s agenda.  While much of it is not terribly "new"… Continue Reading

Dear Mr. President….An Inauguration Day Letter on Employment Law

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Dear Mr. President: Congratulations on your inauguration today!  I hope you enjoy the day because when you wake up tomorrow, I suspect that you’ll realize there are a lot of items on your "to-do" list (though taking out the garbage probably isn’t on there anymore.) With two wars and a recession to deal with,  I wanted… Continue Reading

EFCA Not Likely to Pass Anytime Soon, WSJ Reports

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The Wall St. Journal is reporting this morning that the Employee Free Choice Act bill is not likely to be among the pieces of legislation to be considered in the new administration’s first 100 days: Unions likely won’t see action soon on legislation that would make it easier to organize workers, but Democrats are moving… Continue Reading

New Year Brings Lots of Compliance Issues for HR Professionals

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I don’t think it’s going out on a limb to suggest that 2009 brings about some of the broadest changes to employment laws in the United States this decade.  Some changes are already known, while others are forecasted to occur.   Michael Moore, over at the Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Blog, has an excellent post… Continue Reading

Quick Takes: Reprimanded Lawyer, Ethics Case, EFCA, ADEA & the Second Circuit, ERISA Standard of Review

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The slow season of employment law news continues, which makes this a perfect time to roll-out the occasional Quick Takes post to discuss interesting nuggets and updates to recent posts. The Statewide Grievance Committee, on the day before Christmas, issued a formal reprimand to Maureen Duggan for "fraud and conduct prejudicial to the administration of… Continue Reading

Obama Selects Rep. Solis as New Department of Labor Secretary

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Although Connecticut’s own Rep. Rosa DeLauro was rumored to be on the short list for a Secretary of Labor post, reports Thursday evening suggest that Rep. Hilda Solis – a Democrat from California – has been tapped for that position. So, what’s the immediate feedback from labor and business groups? Well, labor groups issued a… Continue Reading

Quick Takes: Twitter for HR/Employment Law, RIFs, Parties, EFCA & Performance Reviews

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As is typical for December, everyone is starting to wrap up for year end and the amount of substantive items to report on slows to a trickle. Thus, it’s time for some short items on a variety of employment law and HR-related topics. I’ve started microblogging at Twitter.  Don’t know what Twitter is? There’s a… Continue Reading

Regardless of EFCA’s Prospects, Employers Can Take Steps to Get Educated, Educate and Prepare

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There’s been some speculation this week that with the Republicans picking up an important 41st seat in the Senate in 2009 (thus having enough votes to filibuster theorhetically), the prospects for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act have gone down, at least in the short term.  I’d add to that notion that proponents will have… Continue Reading

Looking for a “Change?” Transition Site Up With Lists of Legislative Agendas

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Looking to make a change? Or curious about what the new Obama administration will have on its agenda? Then the new administration website,, is for you. It’s now up (but as of 2 p.m., barely running — likely due to the massive traffic the site is facing so give it a little time).   Parts… Continue Reading

Election Guide on Employment Law-Related Issues – Part I

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With the election just two weeks away, employers can start to draw a sharper focus on the national issues at stake in the upcoming Presidential election. That said, much of what will happen will also depend on what happens with various Congressional races.  In other words, even if Senator McCain is elected President, we’re still… Continue Reading

What One Question Regarding Labor & Employment Law Would You Ask the Candidates During the Debates?

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The Presidential debates and Vice-Presidential debate are coming up later this month.  A lot has been written about what the candidates’ respective positions are (and a lot has been written on everything BUT the issues).  For some recent discussions of various issues, check out posts this week from the Delaware Employment Law Blog, Ohio Employer’s Law… Continue Reading

Rep. Courtney Speaks Out on the Employee Free Choice Act and the Foxwoods/UAW Election

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One of the bills in Congress this year that is expected to be heavily debated is the Employee Free Choice Act.  What is it? Workplace Horizons has this take on it: "The Employee Free Choice Act (H.R. 800; S. 1041) would amend the National Labor Relations Act to make it significantly easier for unions to… Continue Reading