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Watching Over Your Employees

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With cameras on every smart phone and computers that can track your every click, it’s hard for employers to know what’s proper in the workplace when it comes to surveillance and monitoring. I’ve talked on the blog before about Connecticut’s Electronic Monitoring Act. But there are several other laws and theories that employers should be… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: From I-9s to Workplace Surveillance

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The Connecticut Law Tribune’s quarterly supplement on Labor & Employment Law was published this week and as usual, it is chock full of articles of relevance to attorneys and employers.  Many of the topics have been covered here in the blog, but the additional analysis and discussion on the topics make them useful.  You can… Continue Reading

Reality Bites: Know the Law Before Using That Hidden Camera

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During the holiday break, I did what many lawyers do (but will publicly deny): I watched a few “bad” reality tv shows.   No, I didn’t watch “Here Comes Honey Boo-boo” (even I have my limits).  But on the Food Network was a marathon of episodes of a show called “Mystery Diners”.   The show is based around so-called “Mystery… Continue Reading

Spying on Your Employees? Know the Law First

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A recent story in a Forbes blog disclosed how one company fired 25 employees, after monitoring its employees’ computer activity.  Of course, the CEO learned that secret recordings work both way, as one employee recorded the termination meeting.  Connecticut employers have special obligations when it comes to employee monitoring.  In terms of surveillance, Conn. Gen. Stat. Sec…. Continue Reading

Being a Real “Undercover Boss” In Connecticut

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Last night, I caught a glimpse of CBS’ hit show "Undercover Boss".  The premise of the reality show is simple: A CEO goes "undercover" in the workplace to see what’s "really" happening.  In last night’s episode, the CEO of Frontier Airlines went behind the scenes to, among other things, remove human waste from airplane bathrooms.   Putting… Continue Reading

Breaking: U.S. Supreme Court Rules that Two-Member NLRB Decisions Are Improper; Public Employer Can View Employee Text Messages

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The U.S. Supreme Court issued decisions in two important labor & employment law cases this morning. Because the cases are limited to some labor law issues and public employers, the impact on private employers may not be immediately felt. But the decisions are notable nonetheless. First, the court issued a 5-4 decision in New Process… Continue Reading

No Private Right of Action to Enforce Connecticut Electronic Monitoring Statute

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The Connecticut Supreme Court, in a decision that will be officially released on January 5, 2010, has held that employees cannot bring a private right of action against employers that violate the state’s electronic monitoring statute.  In Gerardi v. City of Bridgeport, two city fire inspectors were disciplined for improper job performance through the use… Continue Reading

The Basics: Workplace Conditions of Meal Periods, Breastfeeding, Electronic Monitoring, Lie Detector Tests

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Continuing the summer series on the basics of some employment laws in Connecticut, we turn this week to laws regarding working conditions. Indeed, while the anti-discrimination laws and FMLA laws get all the press, there are a whole host of other laws that regulate the workplace conditions.  These are no less important and ignoring this rules… Continue Reading

Google Latitude in Connecticut’s Workplaces – What Employers Should Know Before Tracking Employees

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Google released a new program last week called Latitude. You can get full details here, but the gist of it is that can show your location (and the location of your friends) real-time on a map.  So, suppose you and your teenager have cell-phones — voila, you can see on a map where they are… Continue Reading

You’ve Been Sued; What Phrases Are “Hot” for Electronic Discovery Searches?

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UPDATED 12/3/08 During this decade, electronic discovery has moved from the fringes into the mainstream when litigating employment law claims.  What does this mean? In many cases, employers must now run keyword searches and other types of searches on their computer systems to find information that might be relevant to the lawsuit at issue. But what search terms… Continue Reading

Court: Arbitrator Was Correct When It Found State Had “Just Cause” for Terminating Employee Misusing Computer

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Does the state have "just cause" to fire an employee who misuses his work computer by accessing shopping websites, and two websites where you can purchase hallucinogenic mushrooms? That is the question that was answered in the affirmative, albeit indirectly, by the Connecticut Supreme Court, in a decision to be officially released on August 5,… Continue Reading

Guest Blogger: Computer Monitoring of Email in the Workplace — Whose Problem Is It?

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When my trial is over (end of March??!!), perhaps I’ll be able to tell you all about the madness that is sometimes the Connecticut civil court system. But in the meantime, we are blessed today with another guest blogger.  Kris Dunn, who runs the fabulous HR Capitalist Blog, is a seasoned pro in human resources…. Continue Reading

Quick Takes: What I’m Reading This Week in HR Issues and Employment Law

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There’s been a lot of good material this week and there just isn’t time for full-fledged posts on each of them. But check these other posts for some additional information or background on various employment-law topics that may have an impact in Connecticut. The Word on Employment Law has a good alternative take on the… Continue Reading

Updating Employee Handbooks — Even Road Signs Need to be Replaced

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Next time you’re driving on the highway, take a look at the road signs. Not for what they say, but how they say it.  Are they new or worn? Easy to read or difficult to see? Straightforward or confusing? If you drive down I-95 around Fairfield and Westport, you’ll notice something different lately. The signs… Continue Reading