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What Does “At Will” Employment Really Mean?

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Years ago, I recall having a friendly conversation with another attorney in Connecticut where the topic turned to the notion of “At Will” employment. When we couldn’t settle on an answer, we moved on to talking about whether the Hartford Whalers would ever come back. I think we had a better answer for that question:… Continue Reading

Get it Right the First Time: Drafting Contracts with Precision (Revisited)

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Rather than tell you the result of a new Connecticut Supreme Court case first, let’s play along with the facts at home first.Here they are: The plaintiff was hired as a laboratory manager by the defendant in February, 2006. On February 2, 2006, the plaintiff and [the defendant’s principal] signed a document that included the… Continue Reading

From the Archives: Offer Letters in Connecticut

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As I take a few days off, here’s a post from WAY back in 2009 about offer letters that you may have missed. With employers doing more hiring in 2013, it takes on added relevance.   In my series of the “basics” of various employment laws (see prior installments here,here and here), this week the topic is offer… Continue Reading

They’re Alive! At-Will Disclaimers Are Alive! (Sort Of. Maybe.)

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Remember earlier this year when the NLRB was hinting that certain at-will disclaimers (you know, the type of language in offer letters that says that the employee is at-will and can be fired for any reason or no reason at all) might be illegal under a new reading of applicable labor law? The issue for… Continue Reading

Court: Statement by Supervisor Regarding “Satisfactory” Progress on Performance Does Not Change At-Will Employment

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Earlier this week, I highlighted one holding from a new case from the Connecticut Appellate Court that will be released next week. Another portion of the case dealt with interaction between the employee and the supervisor. In the case, the plaintiff alleged that she had been told by her supervisor that, after she had been… Continue Reading

In Drafting Employment Law Contracts, Precision and At-Will Disclaimers Matter

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Suppose that, after you’ve employed a worker for a year or so, she asks you for a raise. She doesn’t ask about any guarantee term for employment but you come back and give her a 36 month time frame for her salary going forward.  You draft an employee “Employment Agreement” that says ‘‘[t]his will cover the… Continue Reading

An Employer Bill of Rights? Well, Not Exactly, But….

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I was hoping that fellow blogger, Jon Hyman (of Ohio Employer’s Law Blog fame), and I would get to make another World Series bet. Unfortunately, his team (the Phillies) and mine (the Yankees) are both watching the World Series from some tropical poolside bar. But it gives me an excuse to cite to a recent… Continue Reading

“For Any Reason or For No Reason” – The Language of an At-Will Employment Relationship

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Take a look at your employment-at-will language right now in your employee handbook or offer letter. (I’ll wait; if you can’t find it, you’ve got larger issues than the one I’m about to discuss).  It probably says something like this: Your employment with the Company is on an “at-will” basis. This means that you have… Continue Reading

Court Denies Summary Judgment to Employer Who Claimed Employee Improperly Used Employee Discount for Relatives

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Going to a trial with an employment discrimination case is expensive. Which is one reason why many employers will ask the court to dismiss a claim before trial using a process known as "summary judgment".  But a recent federal court case illustrates the difficulty that employers still have in getting courts to grant summary judgment… Continue Reading

Legislative Update: February 5th Hearing Set on Bills Relating to FMLA Leave, Termination Notices, Paid Sick Leave and Workplace Bullying

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The Connecticut Labor & Public Employees Committee is now scheduled to hold a hearing on various labor bills of relevance and importance to employers in Connecticut. Some are re-hashes of bills raised last year, but others, including amendments to the state’s FMLA laws are new.  The hearing is scheduled for February 5, at 2 p.m…. Continue Reading

Corrective Action Memorandum Not a Contract, Says District Court

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UPDATED 2/10/09 Sometimes, by coincidence, two unrelated decision get released in close proximity to one another that they bring some greater clarity to the law. Yesterday, I discussed a Connecticut Superior Court case that found that certain discussions did not create an employment contract and that the employee was properly classified as "at-will". Earlier this… Continue Reading

Conversation About Length of Time Employee Expected to Manage Store Does Not Create Contract, Court Says

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Suppose you, as a hiring manager, have a discussion with one of your current employees about a job opening within the company at another location. In the course of that discussion, you indicate that you would expect that employee to work in that position for two years before moving on to other possible opportunities.  After that conversation, you put… Continue Reading

When a Hurricane Does Hit Connecticut, What Are The Workplace Rules Regarding Storms?

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As Tropical Storm Fay continues to pound Florida this week, I was recently reminded that it’s been 23 years since Connecticut suffered a direct hit from a Hurricane — the infamous Hurricane Gloria.  No worries then for Connecticut, right? Wrong. Connecticut has been hit by several tropical storms since then — just like Fay — and… Continue Reading

Wrongful Discharge Claim For Reporting Bar Manager Rejected by Jury

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A recent article by the Connecticut Law Tribune reported on the trial of two bar workers who claimed that they were terminated in retaliation for reporting a supervisor’s alleged sexual harassment of a waitress.  According to court records In the trial of  Daniel Van Kruiningen and Kimberly Chatterton v. Plan B, LLC d/b/a Mohegan After… Continue Reading

Court Oks “Firing” a Not Yet Hired “Employee”

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"You’re hired. No wait, you’re fired." That’s essentially what happened in the case of Petitte v., a decision recently handed down by the Connecticut Appellate Court.  The Appeals Court rejected Mr. Petitte’s claims that the company should be estopped from firing him. The background is fairly straight-forward: Mr. Petitte applied for a position as… Continue Reading