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Gender Inequality Claims Make Headlines in Case and in New Study

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Over the last week, two unrelated stories caught my eye.  For employers, they are a reminder that claims of pay inequality based on gender are still something to be concerned about.  The first story is that Governor Malloy announced plans for a new study to examine “factors that contribute to the gender wage gap in Connecticut’s workforce.” … Continue Reading

What’s New at the EEOC and NLRB? Your “Confidential” Investigation Is At Risk

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Two stories over the last few weeks have been percolating that may be of interest to employers in Connecticut.  You may not see the impact immediately, but the implications are certainly there. First, the EEOC is now looking to conduct more direct investigations — that is, investigations that are initiated without any claim by an… Continue Reading

Paycheck Fairness Act – Coming Soon?

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As those who have been following my tweets know, I have been at the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates and midyear meetings. There’s lots of substance to these meetings and you can certainly follow along with the ABA Journal. Among the topics discussed today, was the Paycheck Fairness Act now pending in Congress. If you… Continue Reading

Why the Hype on the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act is Overblown

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There’s a relatively new children’s book out now entitled, "The Wolf Who Cried Boy". It’s a humorous take on the old fable and I read it outloud one evening this week at home.   I can’t help but be reminded of both the classic and new story, reading all of the hyperbole and hype of the last 24 hours regarding… Continue Reading

House Passes Fair Pay and Paycheck Fairness Bills; Now, on to Senate

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To the surprise of absolutely no one, the U.S. House of Representative overwhelmingly passed two employment law bills addressing compensation issues.   The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, HR 11, pretty much split among party lines 247-171. The Paycheck Fairness Act, HR 12, passed 256-163.   The bills now move on to the Senate, where the vote… Continue Reading

Ready, Set, Go! Employment Laws On Fast Track in Congress

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One of the more interesting television shows out there now is the Emmy award-winning  "The Amazing Race". At the start of the show, the host shouts, "Ready, Set, Go!" and off the contestants go on a race around the world places as yet unknown. That, in essence, is what 2009 is shaping up to be in employment… Continue Reading

Paycheck Fairness Act: Rep. Rosa DeLauro Provides Some Context

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Earlier this month, I provided a legislative update on the Paycheck Fairness Act bill, which passed the U.S. House of Representatives. Long-time Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn, 3rd) has been a leading sponsor of the bill and she has a long and distinguished career in the House.  Yesterday, Rep. DeLauro issued a column in the Huffington… Continue Reading