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What Does “At Will” Employment Really Mean?

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Years ago, I recall having a friendly conversation with another attorney in Connecticut where the topic turned to the notion of “At Will” employment. When we couldn’t settle on an answer, we moved on to talking about whether the Hartford Whalers would ever come back. I think we had a better answer for that question:… Continue Reading

Final Overtime Rule Released; Challenges Ahead for Connecticut Employers

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If you like to open your presents on Christmas Eve, the U.S. Department of Labor is for you. Last night, the DOL posted the final revised rule on overtime on its website ahead of its planned announcement this afternoon. What a gift for employment lawyers!  Needless to say, I was up late unwrapping all my “gifts.”… Continue Reading

Name that Party When Represented by Counsel, Says the Court

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What’s in a name? To a recent Superior Court decision, everything. But only if you have been represented by counsel. Confused? Let’s backup for a second. A prerequisite to filing a discrimination claim in state court is that the employee file the same claim before the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.  This includes, in… Continue Reading

The Employment Law Exemption for “Religious Corporations” You Never Knew About

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Over the past month, after the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, much has been made in the press about how it is unprecedented for the court to consider a company’s religious beliefs in making its decisions. The issue of taking into account a corporation’s religious belief in the workplace has been also catapulted to the center of… Continue Reading

Mandatory Flu Shots for Employees in Connecticut: Fact vs. Fiction

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As the temperature starts to dip this week and our thoughts start turning from fall to winter, so starts slow climb up the absenteeism ladder. Around many workplaces, flu shot clinics are starting to pop up.  Not surprisingly, studies show that flu shots reduce the rate of absenteeism.  (Employees who get vaccinated get sick less… Continue Reading

BREAKING: Connecticut Supreme Court Adopts Second Circuit’s “Ministerial Exception” Rule

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The Connecticut Supreme Court today ruled (in a decision that will be effective August 2, 2011) that the ministerial exception found under the First Amendment bars certain employment related claims brought against religious institutions. The court’s unanimous decision in Dayner v. Archdiocese of Hartford can be downloaded here. In doing so, the Court explicitly adopts… Continue Reading

What is Willful (Wilful) Misconduct Under Unemployment Compensation Act? Court Says Insulting E-mails to Boss May Qualify

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Employees who are terminated by their employers are typically eligible for unemployment compensation in Connecticut unless an exception applies. "Wilful Misconduct" is one of the limited exceptions (in Conn. Gen. Stat. 31-236), but it is not an easy exception to reach. A new decision from the Connecticut Appellate Court (to be officially released on March… Continue Reading

What Do Bahrain & Japan Have in Common with Connecticut? Reviewing the Wrongful Discharge Claim

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"The United States is recommending U.S. citizens defer all non-essential travel to Bahrain." Have you seen this headline? It’s from 20 years ago. But strangely, that same headline made a reappearance this week. Don’t remember the last time it happened? Well, you should because a major Connecticut Supreme Court case arose out of it.  And that… Continue Reading

Machetes for 8 Year Olds, and Other Tidbits From “Where We Live” Interview on Child Labor

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This morning, I served as a guest on the terrific "Where We Live" program that airs daily on WNPR.  You can listen to the broadcast here.  It’s difficult to recap a one-hour broadcast in a short blog post so here are a few of my random observations and thoughts after today’s session.  To some callers,… Continue Reading

The Basics: The “Agriculture” Exception For Wage/Hour Rules That’s Broader Than You Might Think

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Connecticut has a proud history of farms. Many, like Lyman Orchards, have been passed down for many generations. (And if you’ve never visited Lyman Orchards, don’t miss out on their Corn Maze and apple orchards for the next several weeks. I visited it recently and highly recommend stopping by.) For many of these farms, the… Continue Reading