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Married Men with Stay-at-Home Wives Have Negative Attitudes Of Working Women, Study Says

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Gender bias in the workplace is the subject of hundreds of scholarly articles and even more cases by courts. But a recently-published study looked at whether the working status of a married man affects the man’s attitude of women in the workplace. The conclusion? It’s not pretty. We found that marriage structure has important implications… Continue Reading

Can Being Called “Too Flamboyant” Be Basis for State Gender Discrimination Claim?

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Let’s play the “law school hypothetical” game for a minute.  (I know, not as exciting as a cat being chosen in Monopoly, but bear with me.) You hear the following allegations: An gay, male employee starts works as a teacher in an “New Beginnings Alternative” program at a public school. During his employment, he is subject to derogatory statements by… Continue Reading

Gender Inequality Claims Make Headlines in Case and in New Study

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Over the last week, two unrelated stories caught my eye.  For employers, they are a reminder that claims of pay inequality based on gender are still something to be concerned about.  The first story is that Governor Malloy announced plans for a new study to examine “factors that contribute to the gender wage gap in Connecticut’s workforce.” … Continue Reading

The Gender Wage Gap: If Employment Discrimination Isn’t the Reason, What Is?

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While Huey Lewis may croon about "The Power of Love", I choose to praise "The Power of the Internet" today.  Case in point: On Friday, the Hartford Courant came out with a provocatively titled article: "Gender Wage Gap in Connecticut  is Higher Than National Average."  The article raised a lot more questions than it answered and… Continue Reading

Followup: CHRO Finds “Reasonable Cause” in Fox 61 Gender Discrimination Claim

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CT News Junkie reports this morning that the CHRO has found "reasonable cause" in the gender discrimination complaint filed by former Fox 61 Reporter Shelly Sindland last year.  According to the report: Anita Zakrzewski, a Connecticut CHRO investigator, concluded last month in a 23-page report that “the information gathered through the investigative process reveals that… Continue Reading

Another Look at the Statistics Supporting the Paycheck Fairness Act (And Why Mark Twain Would’ve Chimed in)

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— There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics                                                                                      —– Mark Twain Given that Mark Twain is one of Hartford’s most famous residents (now "celebrating" 100 years since his death), it seems appropriate to invoke another one of his famous sayings. Time and again, statistics keep getting raised to the forefront… Continue Reading

Privileged Gender Disparity Memo to Wal-Mart’s Attorneys Leaked to NY Times; What About the Self-Critical Analysis Privilege?

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Today, The New York Times reported on a privileged memo sent to Wal-Mart from its outside lawfirm back in 1995 that "found widespread gender disparities in pay and promotion at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club stores and urged the company to take basic steps — like posting every job opening and creating specific goals to promote… Continue Reading

Paycheck Fairness Act – Coming Soon?

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As those who have been following my tweets know, I have been at the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates and midyear meetings. There’s lots of substance to these meetings and you can certainly follow along with the ABA Journal. Among the topics discussed today, was the Paycheck Fairness Act now pending in Congress. If you… Continue Reading