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Connecticut District Court Allows Transgender Discrimination Claim to Proceed Under Title VII & CFEPA

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In an decision of first impression in Connecticut, a federal court on Friday ruled that a transgender discrimination claim based on a failure to hire can proceed under both Title VII and Connecticut’s counterpart, CFEPA. While the groundbreaking decision in Fabian v. Hospital of Central Connecticut (download here)  is sure to be the subject of… Continue Reading

“Pay Secrecy” Bill Goes Above and Beyond Other Proposals

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As I said before, the notion that this might be a quiet year for employment law legislation at the Connecticut General Assembly has long since left the train station. Indeed, we’ve appear to be swinging completely in the opposite direction. Anything and everything appears up discussion and possible passage this year — including items that really stood… Continue Reading

3 Mind-Blowing Tips For Employers About Sexual Harassment From Cosmo

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I don’t care who you are: Somewhere, in a doctor’s waiting room, or a supermarket checkout line, you’ve seen the headlines of Cosmopolitan magazine. But, as luck would have it as an employment lawyer, imagine my surprise when I saw this headline: “He Did WHAT?! The Cosmo Guide to Surviving Sexual Harassment at Work“. Of… Continue Reading

Guest Post: Women’s Economic Security Act May Serve As Model for Other States

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With Congress in gridlock, we haven’t seen any federal laws impacting employment law for several years. Instead, we’ve now started to see a lot more action at the state legislative level where proposals to modify everything from family leave to the minimum wage are being passed in, it seems, increasing numbers. Therefore, what happens in… Continue Reading

Appellate Court Upholds Summary Judgment for Employer

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Not every case that comes out from the Connecticut Appellate Court makes headlines. Take the case of Walker v. Department of Children & Families, a new case that will be officially released next week (download here). It is a fairly ordinary discrimination case — albeit a rare one where the employer has been successful on… Continue Reading

Can Being Called “Too Flamboyant” Be Basis for State Gender Discrimination Claim?

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Let’s play the “law school hypothetical” game for a minute.  (I know, not as exciting as a cat being chosen in Monopoly, but bear with me.) You hear the following allegations: An gay, male employee starts works as a teacher in an “New Beginnings Alternative” program at a public school. During his employment, he is subject to derogatory statements by… Continue Reading

Gender Inequality Claims Make Headlines in Case and in New Study

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Over the last week, two unrelated stories caught my eye.  For employers, they are a reminder that claims of pay inequality based on gender are still something to be concerned about.  The first story is that Governor Malloy announced plans for a new study to examine “factors that contribute to the gender wage gap in Connecticut’s workforce.” … Continue Reading

Attorneys Dancing Around Impact of Gender Identity Discrimination Law

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I have plenty of “guilty pleasures” when it comes to television watching.  Dancing with the Stars isn’t one of them. (Though considering how my Yankees did last night, I probably should’ve just changed the channel to watch DWTS instead). But DWTS has a knack for making headlines (Bristol Palin, anyone?) and this season is no… Continue Reading

Summary Judgment For Tunxis Community College On Claims of Gender Discrimination

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As I’ve lamented from my very first post, too often the press focuses on new cases that are brought without placing them in context. Yet every month, federal and state courts in Connecticut consider dozens of employment law cases that never make the headlines. One such case is Jacobs v. Connecticut Community Technical Colleges, decided… Continue Reading

Legislative Update: Paid Sick Leave & Gender Identity Discrimination Bills Pass; Governor’s Approval Expected

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Early Saturday morning, the Connecticut General Assembly passed two bills that will have a significant impact on employers in Connecticut.  Both bills now need to be signed by the Governor (who has indicated he will sign them). First, the Senate passed House Bill 6599, which adds “gender identity or expression” as a new protected category… Continue Reading

Gender Identity & Expression Discrimination Bill Clears Conn. House

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The on-again, off-again bill that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression (including transgendered individuals) passed the Connecticut House late Thursday night on a vote along party lines. The bill, H.B. 6599, would add a new protected class and defines "gender identity as follows: "Gender identity or expression" means a person’s… Continue Reading

Breaking: U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Wal-Mart Class Action Case

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The U.S. Supreme Court this morning agreed to hear Wal-Mart’s appeal of a decision that granted certification to what would be the largest employment discrimination class action case ever heard in the United States.  The SCOTUSBlog has the definitive wrapup here.  The underlying case has raised allegations of sex discrimination by current and female workers… Continue Reading

Followup and Resources from Where We Live’s Discussion on Gender Wage Gap

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Earlier today, I visited with John Dankosky on his wonderful WNPR show, "Where We Live".  You can listen to the replay on its website here.   In the discussion, we touched on a variety of topics including the proposed Paycheck Fairness Act, which did not get through a procedural vote last week. As I’ve said… Continue Reading

Of Credit Histories, Ricci’s Impact & The Gender Wage Gap

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Been a busy week so there’s time only for a few things to some recent and upcoming publications, podcasts and radio shows that I’m involved with.  My thanks to the respective producers or reporters for the opportunity. First, the Daily Labor Reports and U.S. Law Week each did a lengthy piece this week on the… Continue Reading

Another Look at the Statistics Supporting the Paycheck Fairness Act (And Why Mark Twain Would’ve Chimed in)

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— There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics                                                                                      —– Mark Twain Given that Mark Twain is one of Hartford’s most famous residents (now "celebrating" 100 years since his death), it seems appropriate to invoke another one of his famous sayings. Time and again, statistics keep getting raised to the forefront… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: Unpaid Interns, Employee E-mail Privacy, LinkedIn Recommendations, Advice from the “Enemy”, Retaliation, The “Restroom Issue”

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With my work on the Law & Technology Symposium for the Connecticut Bar Foundation last week, there are several employment law topics that I haven’t had time to discuss in full. While I’ve shared some of these links via my Twitter feed (which you can find at, I thought I would recap some of… Continue Reading

Transgender Litigation: Court Grants Summary Judgment to Employer In Title VII Transgender Case

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Earlier this year, proponents of a bill to make transgender (or gender identity and expression) a protected category  failed in their efforts to get that category covered under the state’s anti-discrimination laws.  A new United States District Court case this week may provide proponents with an example of a case that, in their view, may have come out differently if "transgender" was… Continue Reading