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Employees Who Smoke (Part II) – The Exception for Health Insurance Plans

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So yesterday, I made a convincing case that employees who smoke outside the workplace can’t be treated differently than your non-smokers.  But what about your health insurance plans? Doesn’t the state law prohibit your plan from imposing higher premium costs on those smokers? Well on first glance it appears yes.  The state law would seem to… Continue Reading

What Passage of the Health Care Bill Means for Employers

Posted in Legislative Developments

Regardless of your political affiliation, you have to appreciate the magnitude of the moment. Sweeping health care insurance legislation has passed Congress. (The Senate will still take up  the "reconciliation" part of the bill which will make some additional modifications because the House only approved of the Senate version.) So, now’s the time to ask:… Continue Reading

COBRA Subsidy Coming to an End, Kind Of – What Employers Need to Know

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UPDATED This week, both the Hartford Courant and the Hartford Business Journal,  have run lengthy articles suggesting that the COBRA subsidy — which went into effect in February of this year — is coming to end for most workers.  Unfortunately, the articles miss the big picture of the law and, in doing so, add to the… Continue Reading

Gov. Rell Vetoes Several Bills Affecting Employers Including “Green Jobs”, Health Insurance, and “Standard Wage”

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Earlier this month, Governor M. Jodi Rell vetoed several  bills affecting employers — one that has garnered a great deal of publicity and a few that that have not. (The Office of Legislative Research has just released a full list of the vetoed bills here and the summaries of the bill are taken from the… Continue Reading

Gross Misconduct and COBRA – When Can An Employer Try to Deny Coverage to Terminated Employee

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The Employee Benefits blog has a terrific post this week explaining the "Gross Misconduct" rule for COBRA Coverage. For those unfamiliar with the lingo, The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) (among other aspects) describes rights that employees have to continue their health insurance after their employment as been terminated (and for some other reasons… Continue Reading

Employers That Provide Health Insurance Must Post State-Mandated Poster

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Recently, a colleague received an e-mail that suggested that all employers must post information that "lists employee’s rights to health insurance under Connecticut Law."  When I heard about it, something didn’t seem right.  After all, since when do employees have a right to health insurance in Connecticut (and, isn’t that a heated topic of the… Continue Reading