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Compliance with Today’s Anti-Discrimination Laws Through a History Lesson

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Over the weekend, I was doing a lot of driving.  Having a kid at camp near the New Hampshire border to pick him up will do that. So, it was time for me to catch up on some podcasts I had downloaded but hadn’t yet listened to. I had already finished S-Town (worthy of a… Continue Reading

Legislative Update: Modified “Ban the Box” Bill Approved in Connecticut

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Remember “Ban the Box” and the fair chance employment bill from earlier in the session? Well, it passed last night. Sort of. An amendment to the original bill essentially wiped the prior version clean.  Thus, whatever you think you knew about the measure you can put that aside. What passed last night (House Bill 5237)… Continue Reading

Reflections on Early Labor Relations & Anniversaries

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As I take some extended time off from the office, frequent guest poster Chris Engler takes a look back at some of the earliest background on labor history. Because I majored in history in college, I’m a firm believer that understanding history is of great benefit when planning for the future. Autumn is in many… Continue Reading

The Whole New World of the CHRO in a Powerpoint (Program Recap – Part II)

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Yesterday, I recapped part of the CHRO program on the new Public Act 11-237 which revises the procedures for processing and investigating complaints. Next up was CHRO Principal Attorney Charles Krich.  (Careful blog readers may note that he comments on the blog from time to time.) First off, Charlie gets kudos from me just for… Continue Reading

EEOC Holds Public Hearing on Use of Credit Reports for Hiring

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Yesterday, the EEOC held a public hearing on the use of credit reports as a basis for making hiring and other employment-related decisions.  Jon Hyman, of the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, has an excellent recap of the discussion which I won’t attempt to duplicate here.  Jon argues that it would be unfair to employers to prohibit… Continue Reading

A “Dose” of Connecticut Labor Law History – The Danbury Hatters Case

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Let’s face it. It’s downright hot today.  On days like this, it’s easy for the mind to wander to thoughts of lobsters at Abbotts or ice cream from the UConn Dairy Bar.  And depending on your perspective, it’s a hat-type of day — though for most people, a baseball cap is probably the biggest fashion… Continue Reading

No Criminal Background Checks? Proposed Bill Would Limit Use for Public Employers

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Connecticut state law has long made it plain that the "policy of the state to encourage all employers to give favorable consideration to providing jobs to qualified individuals, including those who may have criminal conviction records." (Conn. Gen. Stat. 46a-79.)   In a prior post, I’ve discussed how state law does not prohibit private employers from… Continue Reading

Problems at the CHRO – A Historical Perspective

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A few weeks ago, I posted about various issues that I believed the CHRO had and how they were being addressed (including a working group established by Governor Rell).  I’ve also posted on some lawsuits involving CHRO employees and claims of discrimination within the agency, But the issues regarding the CHRO have been around for… Continue Reading