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HR’s Increasing Role in Ensuring Data Privacy

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Last night I had the opportunity to speak to the Colonial Total Rewards Association on the topic of Data Privacy and HR.  I titled the presentation “Is Your HR Data Going Rogue” and really focused on the role that Human Resources professionals should play in ensuring that company data is secured. For those who have… Continue Reading

Phishing Scam Targets HR Professionals By Seeking W-2s

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With the new year upon us, cyberthieves are once again attempting to prey on unwitting HR professionals, as my colleague William Roberts explained in an article last week for SHRM on phishing. The scam goes like this. As an HR professional, you get an e-mail from your boss (or your boss’s boss) that seems legitimate…and… Continue Reading

Guest Post: Getting The Most Out of Employees At Non-Profit Organizations – A “Total Rewards” Strategy

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As I continue to reflect this week on nine years of blogging, it’s hard to recall that I started this before the Great Recession hit.  Since that time, all businesses have become more cost-conscious and creative in how they are structured and how they compensate their employees.  Non-profit organizations are no exception to that.  But how… Continue Reading

New Pay Secrecy Law Finds a Place in Court With Lawsuit

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Well, it was bound to happen.  After nine years of writing the blog on a near daily schedule, some work and personal commitments interfered with my blog writing schedule. But never fear, more new posts from me are now right around the corner. In the meantime, one of our summer associates, James Joyce, joins the… Continue Reading

Data Privacy & Human Resources: A Match Made for a Seminar

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I’m pleased to announce an upcoming program that my firm, Shipman & Goodwin and the Connecticut State Council of SHRM are producing next month and that I’ve been planning for several months. The program, entitled “Data Privacy & Human Resources” will be a unique endeavor for us.  First, we are planning on doing it in… Continue Reading

Can You Keep a Secret in Human Resources?

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Earlier this month, The New York Times ran another column in its Workalogist series that asked the following question: Are conversations with a human resources department confidential? I’m contemplating retirement in about three years and would like to gather benefit information from human resources now — but I do not want my supervisor to know…. Continue Reading

Trusting Human Resources: A Fantasy or a Necessity?

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A few weeks back, one to the best bloggers you may not be reading — Robin Shea — posted about the scathing press that Amazon had been receiving about its workplace and posed this question: Can Employees Trust Human Resources? It’s not a trick question. As Robin deftly points out: Part of the problem, I think,… Continue Reading

Four Things To Do Now BEFORE An Employee Data Breach

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With the headlines coming out seemingly daily about data breaches at companies, there’s a tendency to feel a bit overwhelmed with the problem. And while a data breach regarding your employees is something that may not be as imminent as one involving credit cards, it still represents a major threat to your business. This week,… Continue Reading

56 Million Reasons Why Your HR Department Needs Better Data Security

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Okay, okay.  I realize the headline is a bit misleading.  But it isn’t every day that you hear about a data breach at Home Depot in which 56 MILLION credit cards may have been hacked. To put that into perspective, that’s 16 million MORE than the infamous Target breach! But this is an employment law… Continue Reading

Save the Date: “Raiders of the Data Ark” Is a Blockbuster Coming Soon

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First off, I should let you know that I am a poor substitute for Harrison Ford. But, don’t let that dissuade you from saving October 16th as the date for a terrific conference that I’m helping to plan.  The title is “Raiders of the Data Ark” and the subject is “2014 Data Privacy & Cyber… Continue Reading

Data Privacy and Human Resources: A Target to Aim For?

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Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to speak at the Tri-State SHRM Conference held at Foxwoods Resort Casino.  The session was led by Marc Kroll of Comp360 and I thank him publicly for both the invitation and the coordination. But a post about the great work that HR consultants like Marc do is a topic for… Continue Reading

Ten (+4 More) People to Follow on Twitter for Labor and Employment Law

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Since the last time I published a list of labor & employment law lawyers to follow back in 2012, there are just a bunch of you out there now using Twitter. (And I presume you’re already following me @danielschwartz, right?) So, it’s probably time to update my list of labor & employment law-related people to… Continue Reading

Lunch with Drive Thru HR

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Got lunch plans? If so, break them. Because today, I’ll be appearing on the popular (and some would argue best) HR podcast/radio show, “Drive Thru HR.” One of my favorite other employment law bloggers, Jon Hyman, was on the show a few weeks ago and talked about how social media password laws were being debated (and… Continue Reading

A Sneak Peek at “Hiring Without Headaches”

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance

Next week, I’ll be speaking at the HR Compliance Conference in San Francisco on “Hiring Without Headaches: Ten Things You Need To Know About Hiring in the 21st Centry“.  It’s not too late to join us and I hope, if you read this blog, that you’ll say hi when I’m out there.  The program description… Continue Reading

When People Get Angry: Power Outages & Khan

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There’s the great scene in the movie “Network” that features the line – “I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore!”. After 12 days without power, that’s a message that is resonating with me quite loudly. But this is an employment law blog and there’s a message there for employers too…. Continue Reading

Five Questions with… Regan MacBain Traub, Founder, The Human Resource Consortium

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Today brings another installment of an occasional feature of “Five Questions”, in which we ask five questions of a noteworthy person in the employment law and human resources areas.  I’m pleased that Regan MacBain Traub, CPC, SPHR, founder and managing principal of The Human Resource Consortium, was able to take some time to respond to… Continue Reading

Save the Date of May 20, 2011: The Very Latest on Employment Law for In-House Counsel & HR Professionals

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance

I’m pleased to announce that my firm’s employment law department will be presenting a morning/lunch program on May 20, 2011 in Hartford, Connecticut that is geared to both in-house counsel and HR professionals.   It will also feature representatives of local companies and state officials.   It is now set for May 20th and will… Continue Reading

When Your Manager Has Been Accused of Sexual Harassment

Posted in Discrimination & Harassment, Human Resources (HR) Compliance

Consider this scenario. An administrative assistant who’s been working solidly for the company for two years comes to you, as an HR manager, and says she’s been harassed by a manager over her looks.  You need to talk with manager about the allegations. What do you do?  That’s the scenario posed in a recent article posted… Continue Reading

What To Do When Your Employees Make the “Perfect” Mistake

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Baseball fans are up in arms over an umpire’s blown call that cost a Detroit Tigers’ pitcher a perfect game.  This afternoon, Commissioner Bud Selig decided to allow the call to stand.  No one debates that the umpire just made a mistake. A big one.  So big that it deprived a pitcher one of the… Continue Reading

CBIA HR Conference – Social Media for Employers

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Along with Brent Robertson from Fathom, I’ll be speaking at tomorrow’s annual CBIA Human Resources Conference in Rocky Hill.   The topic: Social Media — Use and Misuse. You can download the brochure here and register here.  There are lots of other good programs on the agenda as well.    For those that follow the blog, the themes… Continue Reading

Five Questions With…Executive Talent Services’ John Madigan on HR Trends

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Continuing an occasional series of interviews with notable locals, today we sit down (virtually) with John Madigan, President and CEO of Executive Talent Services in West Hartford, CT.   ETS offers a wide range of HR-related consulting services for organizations, from improving performance of individual key talent to developing and integrating an organizational talent management strategy.  ETS also provides a "Career… Continue Reading

From the Tech Top 40 Awards: Key to Success is Making Right Hiring Decisions

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Last night, I attended the Connecticut Technology Council’s Tech Top 40 Awards at the Chevrolet Theater.  It was set up like the Oscar awards, replete with a red carpet (though a little short on well-known stars). But what it lacked in star power, it more than made up for with energy and innovation. The awards… Continue Reading

What Should You Know Before Taking that HR Position?

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The topics of human resources and employment law often cross each other borders.  The Carnival of HR — which is basically a wrap up of various HR-related blog posts for the prior fortnight — is up today with a very informative series of posts about human resources topics.  One article that caught my eye comes… Continue Reading

Four New-ish Blogs for Employment Law & HR Advice

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It has been a while since I’ve run my "Four websites for…" feature, but because the blogosphere is certainly big enough for an assortment of views in the employment law area,  I’m pleased to pass on the names of a few new employment law blogs that I’ve heard about over the last few weeks. The… Continue Reading