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Changes at the CHRO and Connecticut DOL

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The state agencies that employers have to deal with the most on employment law issues made two announcements this week regarding their leadership ranks. The Commission on Human Rights & Opportunities has announced that Michele Mount has been named the Chief Human Rights Referee. Ms. Mount has been a Human Rights referee for the CHRO… Continue Reading

CHRO Referee Dismisses Complaint After Defendant Was Added Too Late

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One of the rules in employment discrimination cases that seems to have blurred of late is the notion that a complaint of discrimination must be filed within 180 days after the alleged discrimination. A new decision from Presiding Human Rights Referee at the CHRO (CHRO ex rel. Roig v. State of Conn., Department of Correction… Continue Reading

Can an Employer Ever Win at the CHRO?

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I sometimes lament that employers get the short end of the stick when it comes to matters before the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.  There’s little doubt, as I’ve said before, that more cases are being retained for investigation. But what happens after an investigation has concluded that there is “reasonable cause” to believe that discrimination occurred?… Continue Reading

Employer Alleges “Inherently Conflicted and Irreparably Unfair Proceedings” at CHRO; Seeks Injunction

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A new lawsuit filed last Thursday in Connecticut state court by an employer alleges that the employer’s due process rights are being violated by “inherently conflicted and irreparably unfair proceedings” at the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) — the state agency responsible for investigating and enforcing the state’s anti-discrimination laws.  In the lawsuit, NERAC v. Krich,… Continue Reading

Public Hearings Suspension at CHRO Now Over; Two Human Rights Referees Appointed

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For nearly six months, public hearings at the CHRO were on hold because Governor Malloy did not reappoint the human rights referees.  As a result, cases that had been pending at the CHRO went nowhere — fast. However, that is changing.  Two new human rights referees were appointed this month and a third will be… Continue Reading

Legislature Approves Training for CHRO Members; Reduces Number of Human Rights Referees & Establishes Hearing Task Force

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In implementing the budget agreement today, the Connecticut General Assembly approved of significant changes for the CHRO – changes that will ultimately lead to the creation of a new Office of Administrative Hearings. The bill now goes to the Governor; her signature is expected. Here are the highlights, courtesy of the Office of Legislative Research: Training… Continue Reading

State Budget Includes New Office of Administrative Hearings for CHRO and Other Agencies

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Within a 702 page state budget, you should always expect surprises.  This year’s budget — passed by the Connecticut General Assembly earlier this week on essentially a party-line vote — has a few surprises including a provision that establishes a new independent Office Of Administrative Hearings.  The OAH will be housed in the Commission on… Continue Reading

Numbers Galore, Part II: Seven Full-time CHRO Human Rights Referees for Six Referee Decisions

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AS UPDATED (9/9) Last week, I posted about the statistics released by the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.  (You can view the CHRO’s Annual Report here.)  Today, I continue to take a look behind the numbers and the implications for employers in Connecticut. Among the most striking of the statistics is this fact: Human Rights Referees… Continue Reading

CHRO Awards Police Officer over $100k in Age Discrimination Case; Follows “Cat’s Paw” Theory

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Only a handful of CHRO Human Rights Referee Decisions are issued each year — a number that has seemed to slow to a trickle recently.   But this month, the CHRO issued a lengthy decision in an age discrimination case.  In that case, CHRO Referee concluded that the Town of Bloomfield, Connecticut discriminated against a police officer because of his age when… Continue Reading

Timeliness Not A Bar to Vague CHRO Complaint

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Since the Ledbetter decision issued by the U.S. Supreme Court last month, issues of the timeliness of employment discrimination claims have come to the forefront. An interesting decision by a CHRO Human Rights Referee recently suggests that complaints that do not specify the timeliness of certain claims may still survive a motion to dismiss.  CHRO Human… Continue Reading