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Malloy’s Plan B – Big Cuts to DOL, CHRO, Judicial Branch

Posted in CHRO & EEOC, Legislative Developments

The other shoe has dropped. For now. Governor Malloy late today released his official “Plan B” detailing the layoffs expected as a result of the union concession vote. And it’s ugly. It calls for a 15 percent staff reduction at the Department of Labor, 30 percent reduction at the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities,… Continue Reading

When Did the Term “Intellectual Disability” Become an Acceptable Substitute for “Mental Retardation”?

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance

In reading the Connecticut Judicial Branch’s new strategic plan (which overall, is a very thorough and useful document), I was struck by its persistent usage of the term "intellectual disability."  Indeed, section I.3 of the Plan indicates that the judicial branch will work with the legislature to revise laws that hamper participation by those with… Continue Reading

Blogs and Newspapers React to Curry v. Allan S. Goodman, Inc.

Posted in CHRO & EEOC, Discrimination & Harassment, Laws and Regulations, Litigation

The blog and press coverage of the Connecticut Supreme Court’s case of Curry v. Allan S. Goodman, Inc. continues this week with two additional shout-outs to this blog.  In addition, another resource cited to the decision that is worth mentioning. First up, the well-run and informative Point of Law blog, edited by Walter Olsen, discusses the… Continue Reading