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Nine Years of Blogging on Employment Law

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Hard to believe, but this week marks the ninth anniversary of the Connecticut Employment Law Blog. I’m pretty sure that’s 72 years old in “blog” years.  Or dog years. I forget which one. Coincidentally, this week I stumbled across an old information sheet I filled out for LexBlog (my blog hosting company) in the summer of 2007… Continue Reading

Updated Paid Sick Leave Guidance and Poster Issued by Connecticut Department of Labor

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Somewhat quietly (at least to me), the Connecticut Department of Labor has issued updated guidance regarding compliance with the state’s Paid Sick Leave law. But employers who have been following the developments in this area — namely the changes to the law by the legislature — won’t be surprised much by the minor changes that… Continue Reading

A Thanksgiving to Remember: When Cancer Strikes

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The moment when you learn your wife has cancer gets imprinted on your brain in a hurry. At least for me, it did. That happened back in February of this year.  I haven’t talked about it on the blog yet for several reasons including that my wife is much more private online than I am. But she… Continue Reading

Potty Talk: Employment Laws around the Toilet

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Jon Hyman, who runs the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, dropped a couple of posts last week on employee’s rights to, um, use the bathroom. He started with a post on the right to a workplace bathroom and related breaks, and followed it up on whether employees have a right to be paid during their bathroom breaks (in case… Continue Reading

Appellate Court: Tenured Teachers May be Terminated for “Disability” Without Violating CFEPA

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The Connecticut Appellate Court yesterday released two notable employment law decisions. They won’t become “official” until April 30, 2013, so you have some time to digest them.  I’ll cover one today and leave the other for a future post (though if you’re really curious you can read it here.) To me, the more interesting of… Continue Reading

A Look Back at Obama’s (First?) Four Years and Employment Law

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Finally, today is Election Day.   And while the pundits tonight will all look forward to what the next four years might bring, it’s worth taking a quick peek back at Obama’s (first?) four years with a review of some of the posts from 2008-9. Before his term, there were predictions that he would be good… Continue Reading

Secrets of the ABA Labor and Employment Law Annual Conference

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The American Bar Association’s Labor & Employment Law Annual Conference is going on right now in Atlanta, Georgia.  As I’ve recapped on this blog before (here, for example), there are some terrific programs and educational opportunities there.  I wasn’t able to make it down this year, but due to the wonders of technology, I’ve been… Continue Reading

New Laws Place Restrictions on Employers Seeking Passwords

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Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to speak to the HR Compliance Conference in San Francisco about legal issues related to hiring.  In some ways, everything old is new again on this topic.  Issues like the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or the EEOC’s guidance on criminal background checks, have been around for years yet… Continue Reading

The September Employment Law Blog Carnival – The Bronx Bombers Edition

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For those who are uninitiated, each month an employment law blog hosts a “carnival” with links to various posts from other blogs with a theme typically attached.  Candidly, it’s a relic from a bygone era before social media made sharing easy.   But a carnival is a carnival (and my thanks to Eric Meyer of… Continue Reading

Hybrid Wage-and-Hour Class Actions Blessed by Second Circuit

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Ok, bear with me for a second. If your employees want to bring a class action against your company claiming that they should’ve been paid overtime, there are typically two ways to do so: Bring a claim under state law, or bring a claim under federal law (Fair Labor Standards Act). There’s a big difference:… Continue Reading

Marijuana is Decriminalized, But Employers Can Still Ban Workers From Using It

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Last week, the General Assembly approved of reduced penalties for people caught with relatively small amounts of marijuana in their possession.  Notice the use in the title of the word “decriminalize”; that is a different term than “legalize”. This raises the obvious question: Can employers in Connecticut still regulate and ban employee usage of marijuana?… Continue Reading

General Assembly Increases Penalties for Violations of Personnel Files Act

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With all the talk about Paid Sick Leave dominating the headlines, it’s important to remember that other bills get passed too. Quietly, late last month, the Connecticut General Assembly beefed up the penalties to employers who do not follow the Personnel Files Act. The Act requires employers to give employees access to their personnel files… Continue Reading

Making a Difference in 2010

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Before we start looking forward to 2011, the Connecticut Law Tribune last week did a notable feature on various lawyers in Connecticut who "made a difference" in 2010. It’s worth a read (and not just because one of my law partners, Eliot Gersten, is featured.) There are several labor & employment law attorneys referenced (some… Continue Reading

Is The Incredible Hulk Covered Under the ADA?

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December is a notoriously slow time when it comes to employment law news. Sure, there’s the NLRB’s announcement today that it is proposing a new rule that would require all employers to put up a posting about labor rights.  There’s also word that the DOL is seeking comment on issues relating to reasonable break time for… Continue Reading

This Week in Social Media & Employment Law: Facebook Privacy Settings, Stored Communications Act, Social Media Policies

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As social media continues to dominate the world — or at least conversations about employment law —  there are a few notable posts that are worth delving into this week that explore the topic further.  Forbes blogger Kashmir Hill (formerly of Above the Law) has a good piece on whether privacy settings matter on Facebook… Continue Reading

Family Violence Victims Officially Get New Workplace Protections on Friday

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Each year, the Connecticut General Assembly passes a number of laws. Rather than have them enacted immediately upon the governor’s signature, many of the bills become effective on October 1st of that respective year. I followed several workplace bills earlier this year but most never made it very far. One bill did and it gives new… Continue Reading

Top 25 Business Law Blog? Only If You Say So

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As I approach the three-year anniversary of this blog (stay tuned for more details), it’s certainly touching to receive accolades for this blog.  Each year, LexisNexis “honors a select group of blogs that set the online standard for a given industry.” Amazingly, the Connecticut Employment Law Blog is a nominated candidates for the LexisNexis Top… Continue Reading

Law & Technology Symposium: A Recap and Announcing the Winners of the Supreme Tweet Contest

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By all accounts, Friday’s Law & Technology Symposium by the Connecticut Bar Foundation was a smashing success.  Over 125 people attended with dozens more watching online.  But beyond the numbers was the feedback from the attendees who appreciated the symposium for the content it delivered.  It’ll soon be posted on the internet for download and we’ll… Continue Reading

Two Days to Law & Technology Symposium

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As I’ve mentioned before, my daily employment law posts will resume shortly but in the meantime, I’ve been chairing a major Law & Technology Symposium for the Connecticut Bar Foundation that is scheduled for this Friday at UConn Law School in Hartford, Connecticut. Full program details are available here.  We still have room for people… Continue Reading

Can You Tweet Your Favorite U.S. Supreme Court Case? Help Publicize the Bar Foundation’s Technology Symposium!

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This post continues my public service outreach on a program developed by the Connecticut Bar Foundation. As I mentioned earlier this month, I am chairing what I expect will be a terrific educational program on April 9th at UConn Law School on how technology is changing the practice of law. Full details to this free… Continue Reading

Technology & The Law Symposium: How Technology is Changing the Practice of Law

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For the next few weeks, I will be posting a few items about a technology and the law symposium that I am chairing on April 9, 2010 for the Connecticut Bar Foundation.  It is a free program that should be of interest to attorneys and non-attorneys alike.  While it is not strictly "employment-law" related, I… Continue Reading

Want Some Great Reference Materials? ABA Labor & Employment Law Section Materials Now Online

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Last year I attended and spoke at the Annual Meeting of the American Bar Association Labor & Employment Law Section.  Over the last few years, the meeting has developed into one of the premier conferences to keep up to date on labor and employment law. This year’s meeting is now going on in Washington, D.C…. Continue Reading

Report Focuses On Companies That Fail to Pay Employee Taxes…and the Consequences

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Over the weekend, the Hartford Business Journal published a revealing look at Connecticut’s efforts to crackdown on companies that avoid paying employee taxes and workers’ compensation insurance. Indeed, according to the published report, the state’s efforts resulted in 220 stop-work orders at construction sites across Connecticut. But the report goes on to contend that "a… Continue Reading