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Maybe That Lawsuit Brought By Your Employee Isn’t So Frivolous

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In yesterday’s post, I talked about some of the reasons why an employee’s lawsuit against his or her employer was destined for failure. But employers, I’m afraid you’re not off the hook that easily. This post is for any employer that just got sued or threatened with suit. Maybe that lawsuit isn’t so frivolous after all…. Continue Reading

Sex Harassment in the Workplace: An Uptick in Cases, Awareness or Both?

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The last few weeks it seems that I’ve been reading about sexual harassment in the workplace issues a lot more. Here are a few examples: Gretchen Carlson sues Fox News’ Roger Ailes. Suit Says Managing Partner Pressured Female Staff for Sex Sexual Harassment Still a Reality in the Workplace Interior chief: ‘Culture’ of sexual harassment… Continue Reading

New Pay Secrecy Law Finds a Place in Court With Lawsuit

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Well, it was bound to happen.  After nine years of writing the blog on a near daily schedule, some work and personal commitments interfered with my blog writing schedule. But never fear, more new posts from me are now right around the corner. In the meantime, one of our summer associates, James Joyce, joins the… Continue Reading

Vacation Daze: Leave ‘Em Alone

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Last week was the first time in the seven year history of this blog that no blog posts were uploaded. Why? Vacation. It’s been a long cold winter and my wife and I were able to corral our kids for some much needed warm-weather rest and relaxation — after a very challenging year. As it turns out,… Continue Reading

Court’s Decision on Severance Agreements Avoids Central Issues

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Just a quick followup today on a post from last month. As I reported then, a District Court judge dismissed a closely-watched EEOC lawsuit against CVS challenging a pretty standard severance agreement.  But the grounds for the dismissal were unknown back then. The wait is over; the written decision was released yesterday.  For those that were hoping that… Continue Reading

EEOC’s Lawsuit Challenging CVS Separation Agreements Is a Big Deal

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My good friend, Jon Hyman of the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, probably said it best this morning: I try to shy away from hyperbole, but OH MY GOD, THIS CASE COULD BE RUINOUS!!! Yeah, pretty much. So, if you — like me — have been tied up with day-to-day affairs for a bit, or thinking how tomorrow’s snowstorm… Continue Reading

“Simply the Best”, from an Employment Lawyer

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Over the years, we’ve had a little fun on this blog, with friendly bets with other employment law attorneys, over everything from a sports event to, well, a sports event.  The loser traditionally has to extol the virtues of the winning team on an employment law blog with some loose employment law tie-in. Last week,… Continue Reading

What Makes a Workplace a Great Place to Work?

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The Hartford Courant and Fox CT last week released their list of “Top Workplaces” in the Greater Hartford area. In a column accompanying it, columnist Dan Haar suggests the ingredients that go into a good place to work: Passion, Freedom & Direction. He states: One common thread is a system that shows respect for employees… Continue Reading

Gender Inequality Claims Make Headlines in Case and in New Study

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Over the last week, two unrelated stories caught my eye.  For employers, they are a reminder that claims of pay inequality based on gender are still something to be concerned about.  The first story is that Governor Malloy announced plans for a new study to examine “factors that contribute to the gender wage gap in Connecticut’s workforce.” … Continue Reading

Employer Alleges “Inherently Conflicted and Irreparably Unfair Proceedings” at CHRO; Seeks Injunction

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A new lawsuit filed last Thursday in Connecticut state court by an employer alleges that the employer’s due process rights are being violated by “inherently conflicted and irreparably unfair proceedings” at the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) — the state agency responsible for investigating and enforcing the state’s anti-discrimination laws.  In the lawsuit, NERAC v. Krich,… Continue Reading

Reality Bites: Know the Law Before Using That Hidden Camera

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During the holiday break, I did what many lawyers do (but will publicly deny): I watched a few “bad” reality tv shows.   No, I didn’t watch “Here Comes Honey Boo-boo” (even I have my limits).  But on the Food Network was a marathon of episodes of a show called “Mystery Diners”.   The show is based around so-called “Mystery… Continue Reading

Does Cabbie’s Fear of Dogs Trump Requirement to Allow Service Dogs?

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A cab driver, who claims he suffers from cynophobia (a fear of dogs) and who refused to pick up a blind customer with a service dog, has filed a federal lawsuit against his employer for discrimination on account of his disability after he was fired.  The suit of Ahmad v. Yellow Cab Co., which was filed… Continue Reading

Issues for Misclassification Lawsuits – Don’t Get Swept Up

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The Connecticut Law Tribune this morning has word of a lawsuit by a group of individuals who say that as vacuum sellers, they were “hosed” by a company that, they claim, was actually their employer.  Because the case has just been filed, the employer has not yet filed a response. You can download a copy… Continue Reading

From the Archives: Recalling Prior State Layoffs and the Ongoing SEBAC Lawsuit

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With rejection of a union concession package now appearing likely in news stories this morning, it seems probable that layoffs are around the corner. Notably, a lawsuit arising from a prior state layoff is still kicking around over eight years later.  I discussed this back in October 2010 and noted that the parties had just… Continue Reading

The Basics: What It Takes To File a Employment Discrimination Lawsuit

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Newspapers this week seem enraptured with the idea that an employment discrimination lawsuit is news. It shouldn’t be. Why? Because all that a discrimination lawsuit is — by its fundamental nature — is a set of allegations against an employer. Nothing more, nothing less. That doesn’t mean, of course, that each lawsuit that is brought… Continue Reading

Tribune Company Sued by Its Former “Watchdog” on Free Speech Grounds

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UPDATED George Gombossy, who penned a consumer-advocacy column for the Hartford Courant before being fired last month, has filed suit against the Courant (and its parent company, the Tribune Company) alleging that he was fired in retaliation for his lawful speech.  Gombossy now has a website he calls "CT Watchdog" and posted the complaint and… Continue Reading

Employee’s Use of State E-mail Raises Question of Ethics…And a Lot More

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Over the weekend, Jon Lender of the Hartford Courant reported on the "complicated" ethics case of former UConn Health Center medical technologist Priscilla Dickman.  At issue: Whether state ethics laws were violated by "using state equipment, resources and time in furtherance of her private jewelry and travel consulting businesses." A public hearing over the "ethics" side… Continue Reading

Fox 61 Reporter Discrimination Case: FAQ, Analysis and What’s Next – Part I

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The filing of a discrimination complaint at the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities has certainly garnered a wide variety of responses from the local and national media. Indeed, yesterday, I was one of several invited guests to appear on WNPR’s "Where We Live". (You can download the podcast here.) But what’s been lacking… Continue Reading

Fox 61 Reporter Files Age and Gender Discrimination Claim with CHRO; Is History Repeating Itself?

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Over ten years ago, former WFSB (Channel 3) news anchor Janet Peckinpaugh shook up the media market in Hartford with claims of gender and age discrimination against her former news station. She claimed that she had been let go because she had gotten too old. At the time, the case had all the elements of… Continue Reading

WWE Files Its Reply Brief; Time Now For Court to Decide Whether To Dismiss Case

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The WWE has filed its reply brief (download here) in further support of its motion to dismiss yesterday contending that three former wrestlers "cannot escape the clear language of the booking contracts". For background on the case involving "Raven" and two other former wrestlers, click here.  The brief is filled with lots of "smackdowns" (to borrow a wrestling phrase) chiding the wrestlers about not… Continue Reading

WWE Lawsuit Update: Raven and Wrestlers File Response to WWE’s Motion to Dismiss

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Many weeks after the WWE filed its motion to dismiss the lawsuit brought by three former WWE wrestlers ("Raven" and "Kanyon" and others — otherwise known as Scott Levy, Chris Klucsartis and Michael Sanders ), the wrestlers have fired back filing their papers opposing WWE’s motion.  (For full coverage of this lawsuit, click here.)  The papers, filed… Continue Reading

Quick Updates: Reuters Article on More Lawsuits, WWE and Wrestlers Lawsuit, Performance Reviews, National Bank Act, Veteran’s Day

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Here’s a quick update on some items and topics that have been covered by the blog over the past year: Earlier this week, I raised the issue of whether the rising unemployment rate would also lead to more employment lawsuits. Reuters yesterday released a very good and balanced article on the subject. I shared my… Continue Reading

What Ever Happened To…The Lawsuit Against the CHRO Brought by Two Former Employees?

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About a year ago, I recapped a lawsuit brought by two former employees at the CHRO who claimed their employment was terminated improperly.   At the time, I said that the complaint, brought by Valerie Kennedy and Paula Ross, "paints a picture of an organization run-a-muck with those who are charged with protecting against discrimination, as… Continue Reading