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BREAKING: Connecticut Department of Labor Commissioner to Retire At End of Year

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Sharon Palmer, the Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Labor, will retire at the end of this year, news that was first reported by the CT Mirror website. According to CT Mirror: In an interview, she described her decision to retire as driven by age and circumstance, not politics or a consequence of overseeing the… Continue Reading

Gender Inequality Claims Make Headlines in Case and in New Study

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Over the last week, two unrelated stories caught my eye.  For employers, they are a reminder that claims of pay inequality based on gender are still something to be concerned about.  The first story is that Governor Malloy announced plans for a new study to examine “factors that contribute to the gender wage gap in Connecticut’s workforce.” … Continue Reading

Governor Proposes Closing CHRO’s Waterbury Office

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UPDATED: The cuts to the CHRO keep coming. Governor Malloy this morning released his plan to reduce the size of government — should a deal with the state labor unions not be struck. The plan calls for the elimination of the CHRO’s Waterbury Office (page 35) and the elimination of other staff positions.  All told,… Continue Reading

It’s Official: Paid Sick Leave & Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Bills Get Governor’s Approval

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To the surprise of absolutely no one, earlier this month Governor Malloy signed the new Paid Sick Leave and the new Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination bills. With the Governor’s approval, the paid sick leave bill now becomes effective January 1, 2012. The anti-discrimination provisions of the gender identity bill are effective October 1, 2011. For more… Continue Reading

Imagine If There’s No CHRO. It’s Not Easy If You Try.

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Imagine there’s no ….. A few years ago it would have been unfathomable to be considering life in Connecticut without a Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.  After all, it is a necessary step in filing a discrimination complaint in this state. Imagining a Connecticut without the CHRO? No way. But suddenly, dramatically, here we… Continue Reading

Governor Malloy’s Budget and Department of Labor

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Governor Malloy released his anticipated budget and the changes to the Department of Labor are modest.  You can view the whole report (and the DOL portion beginning at 193) here.  Rather than dissect the whole thing, here are a few things that caught my eye: The DOL’s Unemployment Insurance Division is big. Very big. And getting… Continue Reading

Governor Taps Union Chief to Serve as New Commissioner of Department of Labor; Former HR Director to be Deputy

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Can a union president and a former HR Director work together effectively?  We’ll soon find out at the Connecticut Department of Labor. Governor Dannel Malloy this afternoon selected Glenn Marshall to serve as the new commissioner of the Department of Labor, and picked Dennis Murphy as the agency’s new deputy commissioner. In a press release issued… Continue Reading

What Might Be The Impact of the State Elections on Connecticut Employers? Mandatory Paid Sick Leave

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There’s been plenty written about what the impact of the federal elections will be on national legislative efforts.  While at an ABA Conference last week, various legislative initiatives concerning independent contractors and the Employee Free Choice Act were now seen as as DOA. But in Connecticut, we elected the first Democrat as Governor in over two… Continue Reading

History Lesson for Candidates: Recalling Prior State Layoffs and the Seven-Year-Old Lawsuit

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At last night’s gubernatorial debate, the issue of potential layoffs of state union workers was a hot topic of conversation.  (See CT News Junkie for a more detailed report.) Each candidate indicated that layoffs weren’t ruled out if elected.   That’s all very well and good, but none of them have mentioned how a prior… Continue Reading