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Numbers Game? Latest Statistics Show Further Increase in Union Membership in Connecticut

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The death of unions has been predicted time and again. Each time a new round of statistics come out, we (me included) try to make some sense of it. Just check out some of my posts from the last several years. In 2008: Are Unions Dying Off? Not Yet, Say New U.S. Department of Labor… Continue Reading

Labor Union Membership Up Big Locally and Down Nationally, Recent Statistics Show

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The U.S. Department of Labor has released their annual statistics on labor union membership.  Nationwide, union membership is down slightly by .2 percent. In total, about 11 percent of the workforce belongs to a union.  Compared to 2008, when I reported on these statistics, the number is down by a full percentage point. The numbers… Continue Reading

Should Private Employers Still Worry About Unions and What Happens at the NLRB?

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As I indicated a few weeks ago, one of the goals of this blog this year is to stop chasing headlines.   The latest story about the NLRB demonstrates why. Late last month, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals (which, as you might imagine, only covers Washington D.C.) ruled that recess appointments to the NLRB were invalid,… Continue Reading

Courant Headline Says Unions Down 17 Percent. Really? Uh, No.

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UPDATED 2 p.m. About five weeks ago, I wrote about the new Bureau of Labor Statistics report that showed union membership and representation was down in Connecticut in 2010 from 17.1 percent of the overall workforce to 16.7, or in raw numbers from 265,000 workers to 258,000.  But I also noted that compared with 2007 (when… Continue Reading

Are Unions Dying Off? Not Yet, Say New U.S. Department of Labor Statistics

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Are unions are dying breed? The answer to that question often depends on your perspective.   As we’ve seen in Connecticut, if unions are "dying", they are not going down without a fight. But statistics just released by the U.S. Department of Labor tell a more complete story.  The statistics show a leveling off of the decline in… Continue Reading