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Scenes From Newtown

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Driving into Newtown yesterday, I was struck by one overpowering thing: Reminders of the tragedy were everywhere.  It was unrelenting. Makeshift signs, near the I-84 exit, and on the roadside, say things like “Pray for Newtown”. The Newtown flagpole, which dates back to 1876, is one of the icons in town.  An imposing figure that arises… Continue Reading

Doing Something Else Good for Newtown

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The little gift card collection project that my wife and I did for 48 hours went very well and the cards were delivered earlier today. I’ll have a separate post about our efforts at some point soon.  In the meantime, others have asked what else they can do to help  Sandy Hook elementary school, particularly… Continue Reading

Doing Something Good for Newtown

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1:00 p.m. update: I’m hearing of slight delays in processing the e-gift cards at Target.  Just please make your contribution as soon as you can today and we’ll watch for them this evening if need be. You can also use Walmart, Staples or Amazon if you prefer.  I am extending the cutoff to donations until this evening due… Continue Reading

Newtown: You Are Not Alone

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Normally, this blog writes itself. This morning, however, the words have not come easy.  Does writing about FMLA leave relating to the Newtown tragedy really matter? Indeed, I’ve rewritten this post about 5 different times.  What can we say that will comfort those? What can we do to help those? Are we helpless to respond? Yesterday,… Continue Reading


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I had another post scheduled to go up this morning, but the news of the Newtown elementary school shooting makes it irrelevant.  As of midday Friday, the reported death toll was 27, with over a dozen kids included. As a father myself, the news is horrifying.  Absolutely horrifying.  A few years ago, there was another mass shooting… Continue Reading