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Overtime Rules Still On Track — Are You Ready?

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Over the last few weeks, there’s been a lot of bluster about lawsuits filed that are challenging the new overtime rules that are set to take place in just a few weeks. And there was also news that Congress was considering a law restricting the law as well. Both seem unlikely to come to pass… Continue Reading

After Hours iPhone and Android Use By Employees Raises Wage/Hour Concerns (Again!)

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So, you remember February 2009, right? We were all aflutter over Liam Neeson in Taken (ok, I still haven’t seen it).  And we were listening to “My Life Would Suck Without You” by Kelly Clarkson (still a good song.) And I had a Blackberry Bold and loved it. (I know; even lawyers can plead temporary… Continue Reading

BLIZZARD! Wage and Hour Reminders for Employers on Winter Storm

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Well, it’s official.  Connecticut is under a Blizzard Warning as of Sunday afternoon. This is, of course, nothing new for employers in the state. We’ve had more than our fair share of big “monster” storms. If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you’ll have read more than your share of blog posts about… Continue Reading

Hurricane Irene: Do You Need to Pay Your Employees If You’re Closed?

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Updated: August 28, 2011 – As of mid-morning, more than 40 percent of the state is without power, making this storm the highest power outage in state history.  Widespread office closures are expected for Monday and early this week. It’s the (relatively) calm before the storm on Saturday night.  Hurricane Irene is definitely coming. But… Continue Reading

Reporting for Duty or Reporting Time Pay: What Is (and Is Not) Required

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Two weeks ago, my colleague Michael Lavelle did a post about dealing with employees who may be on call.  Today, he’s back, following up on another weather-related issue — paying employees for just reporting to work (even if they are sent home), sometimes known as the "Minimum Daily Earnings Guaranteed". It was the subject of… Continue Reading

Complications: The Interplay Between the Family Violence Leave Law & White-Collar Exemptions

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When new laws get passed, the complications that arise from the passage aren’t immediately clear.  But a look at Connecticut’s new family violence leave provisions (effective October 1, 2010) demonstrates how some of those complications are now making themselves apparent.  As you may recall, the new Family Violence Victim leave law permits employees to take… Continue Reading

A Dollar Here, 35 Million Dollars There…: Classifcation of Employees Remains Timely Issue

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While I’m out on vacation for a bit, I thought I’d have one of my colleagues share a post on a recent case he’s focused on. Mick Lavelle is no stranger to employment law issues, having successfully litigated the case of Bridgeport Hospital v. CHRO — an important Connecticut Supreme Court case which curtailed the… Continue Reading

Mandatory Furloughs – The Risks of Using Them in Connecticut

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One of the latest fads in employment law has become a peculiar side effect of this recession — the increase in the use of mandatory furloughs. What are they? Well, in simple terms, they are orders from an employer to an employee that they take a day (or multiple days) off without pay. In doing so,… Continue Reading

The Blackberry Issue: How PDAs Can Create Serious Wage and Overtime Issues

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I love my Blackberry Bold. And I know many others that praise the virtues of an iPhone or other PDA device. But recently, questions have been raised about the use of these devices by non-exempt employees — in other words, those employees who are eligible to receive overtime.  If these employees are reviewing their messages outside of… Continue Reading

When a Hurricane Does Hit Connecticut, What Are The Workplace Rules Regarding Storms?

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As Tropical Storm Fay continues to pound Florida this week, I was recently reminded that it’s been 23 years since Connecticut suffered a direct hit from a Hurricane — the infamous Hurricane Gloria.  No worries then for Connecticut, right? Wrong. Connecticut has been hit by several tropical storms since then — just like Fay — and… Continue Reading

New Advisory Board and Joint Enforcement Commission To Be Established on Employee Misclassification

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This week, I’ve highlighted some new state laws that affect the employment law arena. This next one (Public Act 08-156) creates a new joint commission and new advisory board in Connecticut to deal with the issue of employee misclassification.  For employers, this new structure means that it is more likely that enforcement of misclassification laws (in… Continue Reading

Quick and “Super” Updates – What I’m Reading in Employment Law This Week

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Been a long week, the weather in Connecticut is turning icy, and well, there’s just enough time for some short updates today.  Fortunately, the Super Bowl is coming and my New York Giants are still playing (no predictions here on a winner, however.)  And Groundhog day is tomorrow; an article below suggests that it may… Continue Reading

Four for….The Basics of the NLRA, FCRA, FMLA and CTFMLA, and Wage & Hour Laws

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Many times, clients and acquaintances call looking for the "basics" of various materials. Although I’m happy to oblige, some of the "basics" materials are already out there on the Internet. In fact, the government typically has a good summaries of various laws prepared for everyday use. While these documents should not be relied upon entirely, they provide… Continue Reading