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Department of Labor Releases New Pregnancy Discrimination Poster

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Last week I talked about the new state law regarding pregnancy discrimination that is going into effect on October 1, 2017.  In that post, I mentioned a new notice that was required to comply with the law. Although there is no set form that is required to be used, the Connecticut Department of Labor has… Continue Reading

Not Giving Employees Something (Namely a Discrimination Complaint) To Talk About

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There’s an old(?) Bonnie Raitt song that my parents used to listen to when I was in college called “Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About”.  It’s about a crush, but the intro could be just as applicable to a new court decision. The lyrics start: “People are talkin’, talkin’ ’bout people, I hear them whisper,… Continue Reading

Connecticut Businesses Should Exercise Caution on DOL’s New FMLA Guide for Employers

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Over the years in the employment law “blawgosphere” (isn’t there a better term by now?), I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with and conferring with several other attorneys who blog. One of those is Jeff Nowak, whose FMLA Insights blog has become a go-to place on all things FMLA. So, it was no surprise yesterday… Continue Reading

CHRO Right to Sue Letter Enough to Bring Federal Discrimination Claims to Court

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In catching up over some interesting employment law cases from 2015, I came across Lennon v. Dolce Vida Medical Spa (download here).  You would be forgiven if you missed it because it’s an unreported Superior Court decision on a seemingly-technical issue. But, if followed by other courts, it has a notable twist. First, the simple… Continue Reading

Remember that NLRB Notice? “Never Mind”

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Readers of a certain vintage, will remember Gilda Radner’s character Emily Litella who often said “Never Mind”.  (If you’ve never heard of Gilda Ratner or this, then I’ll pause while you watch this classic video.)  Readers of a later vintage will think of Nirvana’s “Nevermind”. If you just want the dictionary definition, here it is. My… Continue Reading

Summer Cleanup: Get Your Personnel Files Policies and Procedures Set

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As you’ve no doubt noticed, I’ve taken a few days off from the blog to attend to the logistics that a new job entails and also attend the ABA Annual Meeting earlier this week.  There have been some interesting developments in both the FLSA and FMLA the last few days so look for posts on… Continue Reading

Written Consent Form Needed For FLSA Collective Action

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Ever wonder what happened to the case of the “exotic dancers” who claimed that they were misclassified as independent contractors? Well, the case continues and yesterday, the federal court denied a summary judgment filed the strip club on a technical issue that is probably overlooked by employers in many instances.  You can download the decision… Continue Reading

“Linsanity” for Employers to Fail to Post Required Notices

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Employers in Connecticut (and other states) have a whole host of notices that must go up in a common meeting area for employees to see. But what happens when an employer forgets to do the postings, or, worse, purposely avoids putting those posters up?  A recent federal case in Connecticut addresses that question with important… Continue Reading

And Yet Another Requirement for Employers: New Labor Law Posters on January 31, 2012

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The Hartford Office of the National Labor Relations Board has a message for employers: There are new posting requirements coming and nearly all employers — not just those who are unionized — need to be aware of them. Why? Because they are effective in just six weeks: January 31, 2012. Here are some highlights for… Continue Reading

Spanish-Language Version of Paid Sick Leave Poster Released

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One of the unique features of Connecticut’s Paid Sick Leave law is the requirement that employers post information about the law in both English and Spanish. At the time the law was passed, I openly questioned how employers were to accomplish this and suggested that the Connecticut Department of Labor consider publishing such a notice… Continue Reading

NLRB Postpones Mandatory Posters for Employers Until January 2012

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The National Labor Relations Board today announced that it has postponed the start date for its new notice-posting rule until January 31, 2012. (I previously covered the new rule in a prior post here.) In a press release, it indicated that it did so to allow for “enhanced education and outreach to employers, particularly those… Continue Reading

New “Discrimination is Illegal” Poster Ready for Download

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Employers in Connecticut should be familiar with the “Discrimination is Illegal” poster put out by the CHRO that should put up on bulletin boards in a common area. With new laws taking effect, October 1, 2011, the agency has released a new poster for printout and posting. The most significant change to the poster is… Continue Reading

No Private Right of Action to Enforce Connecticut Electronic Monitoring Statute

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The Connecticut Supreme Court, in a decision that will be officially released on January 5, 2010, has held that employees cannot bring a private right of action against employers that violate the state’s electronic monitoring statute.  In Gerardi v. City of Bridgeport, two city fire inspectors were disciplined for improper job performance through the use… Continue Reading

COBRA Subsidy Extension Becomes Law; What Employers Need to Do Now

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So, President Obama signed a bill that extends the COBRA subsidy. No big deal, right? Well, not exactly. First, let’s go over what’s in the final provision: The eligibility period to receive the COBRA subsidy has been extended two months — to February 28, 2010. That means that individuals who have been laid off recently… Continue Reading

New Proposed ADA Regulations Finally Available for Download

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Nearly a week after voting to approve proposed regulations implementing the ADA Amendments Act, the actual text of the proposed regulations is finally trickling out on the internet.  You can download a copy here.  (Thanks to HRHero for posting them.) At 93 pages long, there’s a lot to digest. I’ll have a more thorough post… Continue Reading

The Basics: Offer Letters of Employment in Connecticut

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Continuing the summer series of "basics" of various employment laws (see prior installments here, here and here), this week the topic is offer letters. Specifically, at the time of hiring an employee, does Connecticut require any documentation be provided to employees? The answer is yes.  Perhaps not in the form of an "offer letter" but… Continue Reading

Sounding the Alarm Bells: Three Reasons Why Most Employers Should Get Their Act Together on the COBRA Subsidy Provisions

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Although I’ve been sounding the alarm bells for the last two months or so, on the new COBRA subsidy provisions, I’ve had informal discussions with various colleagues that suggest that some employers are either ignorant of the new rules or do not believe that the rules apply to them. Here are three areas why most employers… Continue Reading

COBRA Changes Are Here: Do You Have An Action Plan?

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Among employment law professionals and human resource personnel, the last year has been full of changes.  Among the more technical changes are thenew COBRA Subsidy provisions that were passed with the stimulus bill earlier this year. April 18th is a big deadline for some of the implementation of the provisions — providing notices to some former employees about their rights… Continue Reading

Hot Link: Connecticut DOL Releases Guidance Comparing New FMLA Regulations with Connecticut FMLA Rules

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The Connecticut Department of Labor late today posted brand-new guidance (available here) comparing the new federal FMLA regulations with the existing Connecticut regulations.   For employers struggling to adopt the new FMLA regulations with Connecticut’s FMLA rules, this document is a must-read because there are some very real and significant differences now that will arise — at least… Continue Reading

The WARN Act: The Basics for Employers

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News about the WARN Act keeps surfacing in everything from law firm closings to bakery layoffs.  While I’ve touched on the subject before, the Connecticut Law Tribune this week published a longer piece that I’ve written on the basics of the act for employers, particularly those in Connecticut.  You can download the article here.   In my view,… Continue Reading

Court Affirms Ruling that Time Period for Filing Complaint Begins on Termination Date, Not Notice Date

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The Connecticut Supreme Court today, in a per curiam decision, affirmed an appellate court decision that held that the time period for filing an employment discrimination complaint under state law (not federal) begins on the date the employee’s employment actually ends, not the date that the employee received notice that his or her employment would… Continue Reading

“Layoffs, RIFs and WARN, Oh My!” – Part II, The Basics of the WARN Act

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Earlier this week, I discussed the benefits of providing notice to employees who may be affected by mass layoffs and plant closings, by complying with the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act. But what exactly does the WARN Act require and who is covered? Here are some basic answers to some basic questions. As… Continue Reading

“Layoffs, RIFs and WARN, Oh My!”: Providing Notice of Potential Mass Layoffs and Plant Closings Can Reduce Legal Risks

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Six months ago, I predicted a renewed emphasis on reduction in force laws and regulations with the possibility of an economic slowdown looming.  With six months left to go in the year, I’m still feeling good (if you can feel "good" about such things) about that prediction.  Is the economy still on the yellow brick… Continue Reading