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Hiring Without Headaches – A Possibility or Fantasy?

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So this week, I’ll be speaking at our firm’s semi-annual Labor & Employment Law seminar.  Amazingly, we have reached capacity for this event and are now taking names for a waiting list! Many thanks to all who have signed up.  It should be a lot of fun. Frequent blog contributor (and, well, a colleague) Chris… Continue Reading

President Signs New Federal Trade Secrets Act; Added Protection for Employers

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Yesterday, President Obama signed the Defend Trade Secrets Act — a broad federal law designed to give companies added protection.  It does not circumvent state law — indeed, where a state law is more protective of the trade secret, it still applies. Nevertheless, it provides a base level of uniformity nationwide. My colleagues, Pat Fahey… Continue Reading

Obama Proposes Changes to White Collar Overtime Exemptions

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The New York Times reported this morning that President Obama will ask the United States Department of Labor to revamp its regulations on the so-called “white collar” exemptions to the federal overtime laws. Specifically, he will direct the DOL “to require overtime pay for several million additional fast-food managers, loan officers, computer technicians and others whom… Continue Reading

Four Potential Employment Law Impacts of Obama’s Next Four Years

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President Obama was re-elected to a second term last night (something forecasted by stats guru Nate Silver). What does it mean for employers? I won’t go quite as far as fellow blogger Jon Hyman, who said this morning that “it just doesn’t matter” who won last night.  I think it matters in part. But the impact… Continue Reading

A Look Back at Obama’s (First?) Four Years and Employment Law

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Finally, today is Election Day.   And while the pundits tonight will all look forward to what the next four years might bring, it’s worth taking a quick peek back at Obama’s (first?) four years with a review of some of the posts from 2008-9. Before his term, there were predictions that he would be good… Continue Reading

An Updated Employer’s Guide to the Election

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Election Day is nearly upon us.  Much like I did two years ago, it’s time to recap the rules for employers regarding the election.  The polls are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. for everyone to vote for their favorite candidate…or at least the one that they dislike the least.  You can find out where you should vote… Continue Reading

Example #438 of Why You Need a Social Media Policy

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Thanks to all who came and attended our employment law seminar at the Hartford Club today. As a reminder, we’re running another one on October 18th.  More information is available here. At today’s seminar, we talked about the need for companies to implement a social media policy and also about how social media can get out of… Continue Reading

Election 2012: What Debate Question Would You Ask Vice President Biden?

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Next up in this week’s series of employment law-related debate questions for the candidates: Vice President Joe Biden. One of the big ideas of the administration early on was the Employee Free Choice Act. It’s an act that you publicly showed strong support for. The bill never passed and some of the ideas regarding “card check”… Continue Reading

Election 2012: Debate Questions for President Obama

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With the Presidential election just six weeks away, we have yet to see any of the major party candidates tackle employment law issues in detail.  That, of course, is not surprising. But as we head towards the debates, I talked with several other employment lawyers who run blogs and we thought we could bring some… Continue Reading

Why Obama’s Recess Appointments to NLRB May Still Be “Good” For Employers

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The NLRB confirmation process is broken and has been for years. When President Bush was in office, the Democrats effectively blocked the selections to the Board.  As a result, President Bush had to use recess appointments to fill the vacancies.  Back in 2010, when faced with opposition from the Republicans, President Obama did the same… Continue Reading

Update: Where is EFCA Going – A “Compromise” or Defeat?

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The conventional wisdom lately is that the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA or "Card Check" to others) will not pass in its current form.  (You can find my prior coverage of the EFCA here.)  Over the last few days, however, various "compromises" have been floated. (H/T Shopfloor.) Of course, the very word "compromise" suggests some… Continue Reading

BREAKING: President Signs Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

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Earlier today, President Obama welcomed Lilly Ledbetter to the White House and signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.  You can find the text of the act here and even leave your comments on it. You can read the President’s remarks here. And you can find the White House blog entry on the subject here. In… Continue Reading

President Appoints New Chairs of EEOC and NLRB

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With a new administration now firmly in place, the President has wasted no time in appointing new chairs of the National Labor Relations Board and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  The EEOC has the details on the first appointment of Stuart Ishimaru as Acting Chair: The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) today announced that President… Continue Reading

New White House Site Details Official Agenda But Where Is EFCA

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With the change in the administration, the official White House website is now up. It’s still a little sparse now but has such nifty features as an official White House blog.  Of more relevance to employers and businesses, however, is the detailed list of the new adminstration’s agenda.  While much of it is not terribly "new"… Continue Reading

Dear Mr. President….An Inauguration Day Letter on Employment Law

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Dear Mr. President: Congratulations on your inauguration today!  I hope you enjoy the day because when you wake up tomorrow, I suspect that you’ll realize there are a lot of items on your "to-do" list (though taking out the garbage probably isn’t on there anymore.) With two wars and a recession to deal with,  I wanted… Continue Reading

Check Out NPR for Interview on Gender Identity

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UPDATED My earlier post on the Obama Transition Team’s pledge not to discriminate on the basis of gender identity has been picking up some press.  As I indicate, it is likely that this pledge will form the basis of an executive order when the new administration starts. NPR interviewed me earlier this afternoon. You should be able… Continue Reading

Obama Transition Team Pledges Not to Discriminate On Basis of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity in Hiring Practices

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AS UPDATED 11/7 below: In my earlier post, I highlighted the policy issues that are likely to be on the new administration’s radar. But suppose you want to work in the new administration, there’s an "expression of interest" form that you can fill out too on the "Jobs" page. Buried at the bottom of the page is… Continue Reading

Looking for a “Change?” Transition Site Up With Lists of Legislative Agendas

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Looking to make a change? Or curious about what the new Obama administration will have on its agenda? Then the new administration website,, is for you. It’s now up (but as of 2 p.m., barely running — likely due to the massive traffic the site is facing so give it a little time).   Parts… Continue Reading

A Big Night

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Last night I started crafting a post weaving in the rejection of the Constitutional Convention question in Connecticut, with state election results and the election of Barack Obama.  And yet, in the clinical analysis of what it meant, something else seemed lost — a sense of history and perspective.  Last night seemed bigger than just… Continue Reading

Would You Hire This Person To Be President? A Look at the “Resumes” of Each Candidate

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Making good hiring decisions is one of the best ways an employer can avoid problems in the future.  In various posts, I’ve discussed ways of accomplishing this, through the use of reference checks, background screening, offer letters and the like.  But for most employers, the single biggest "screen" of employees is through a review of a… Continue Reading

Election Guide on Employment Law-Related Issues – Part I

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With the election just two weeks away, employers can start to draw a sharper focus on the national issues at stake in the upcoming Presidential election. That said, much of what will happen will also depend on what happens with various Congressional races.  In other words, even if Senator McCain is elected President, we’re still… Continue Reading

Presidential Debate: Employment Law Issue Gets a (Brief) Airing – What Does It Mean?

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 You might have missed it in the midst of the discussion of abortion and the Supreme Court but the issue of pay discrimination got a brief airing by Senator Obama during Wednesday’s Presidential Debate. (You can view the transcript here).  Here was the entire portion: Obama: So this is going to be an important issue. I… Continue Reading

What One Question Regarding Labor & Employment Law Would You Ask the Candidates During the Debates?

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The Presidential debates and Vice-Presidential debate are coming up later this month.  A lot has been written about what the candidates’ respective positions are (and a lot has been written on everything BUT the issues).  For some recent discussions of various issues, check out posts this week from the Delaware Employment Law Blog, Ohio Employer’s Law… Continue Reading