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Connecticut Legislative Session Preview: Is a New State Overtime Rule In Play?

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The Connecticut General Assembly is back in session and with significant budget deficits looming, it’s not going to be an easy year for legislators. From a labor and employment law session, once again it will be interesting to see what will be seriously considered. A Bloomberg Law article late last week suggested that Democrats in… Continue Reading

Election 2016: Three Employment Law Debate Questions For Donald Trump

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Each election cycle, I hope that employment law issues will move front and center to the Presidential campaign. And each cycle, I’m slightly disappointed that such issues only get short shrift.  Sigh. But as I’ve done before, it would be nice to fantasize about employment law questions that could be posed to the candidates at the… Continue Reading

Connecticut Businesses Should Exercise Caution on DOL’s New FMLA Guide for Employers

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Over the years in the employment law “blawgosphere” (isn’t there a better term by now?), I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with and conferring with several other attorneys who blog. One of those is Jeff Nowak, whose FMLA Insights blog has become a go-to place on all things FMLA. So, it was no surprise yesterday… Continue Reading

Paid Family & Medical Leave Program and CHRO Changes Get Revived in Budget Implementer

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The Connecticut General Assembly is finalizing its budget implementation bill today and suffice to say that there are more than a few surprises in there. (CT News Junkie first highlighted it in a tweet, it should be noted.) For employers, buried deep in the bill is Section 422 entitled: “PAID FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE IMPLEMENTATION”. … Continue Reading

Paid Family and Medical Leave is What’s Hot in Connecticut

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Here we go. Last December, I talked about how a legislative proposal to bring paid family and medical leave to Connecticut was likely. Turns out, not only was it likely, but that there would be a big public relations push on it as well. The bill is still in its formative stages at the legislature, but… Continue Reading

Connecticut’s Paid Sick Leave (PSL) Law: Does It Work?

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The title of the post is a bit misleading because the answer to the question is, at this point, unanswerable.  In what ways do we measure success under Connecticut’s Paid Sick Leave law? The number of employees who have used it? The people who didn’t get sick as a result? The overall flu rate? Of… Continue Reading

Family Violence Victims Officially Get New Workplace Protections on Friday

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Each year, the Connecticut General Assembly passes a number of laws. Rather than have them enacted immediately upon the governor’s signature, many of the bills become effective on October 1st of that respective year. I followed several workplace bills earlier this year but most never made it very far. One bill did and it gives new… Continue Reading

Family Violence Victims Entitled to Leave and Other Protections Under New Connecticut Law

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While the legislative session was a relatively quiet one, a few provisions found in a comprehensive domestic violence bill do have some direct implications for employers in Connecticut and create a new leave provision that will require some attention from human resources personnel.  Many employers will be unaffected by the provisions, but those who have… Continue Reading

Legislative Update: With 48 Hours to Go, Still Awaiting Action on Paid Sick Days, Captive Audiences, Credit Reports and More

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With the legislative session ending on Wednesday at midnight, there’s a lot for employers to keep an eye out. Here’s a quick summary of what’s still alive and what’s not, at the Connecticut General Assembly. Senate Bill 365 (S.B. 365) – A bill that would prohibit so-called captive audience meetings by employers (typically regarding a… Continue Reading

House Passes Version of Paid Sick Leave; Bill Goes On to Senate for a Vote

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 Late last night, the Connecticut House approved House Bill 6187, better known as the Paid Sick Leave bill. The bill has some important changes from its original drafting including some tweaks to the definition of who is an employer and how many days an employee is entitled to.   The text of the new bill (as… Continue Reading

Paid Sick Leave Bill Moves Forward; Will Swine Flu Outbreak Be Tipping Point?

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A key legislative committee yesterday gave its approval to a bill which would mandate that certain employers give employees paid sick leave.  You can keep tabs on the bill status here.  I’ve discussed the bill several times before and it appears that the basic structure of paid sick leave bill (H.B. 6187) has remained unchanged. The Judiciary Committee’s… Continue Reading

Legislative Committee Approves Paid Sick Leave Bill; Reports Indicate Bill is Likely to Pass

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Connecticut’s prospects of becoming the first state with a broad paid sick leave provision got a little closer on Tuesday as a legislative committee voted 8-3 (along party lines) to approve the measure.  While such a step was not unexpected (it passed committee last year), it is another indication that proponents of the measure are not… Continue Reading