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You Don’t Want To Be THAT Person on Someone Else’s Holiday

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Today marks Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and one of the holiest days of the Jewish year. But it’s a day of business to many. What should employers be doing for employees, though, that are celebrating the day? There are actually a few different ways to answer the question. The first answer, looking just… Continue Reading

Vacations: Necessary for the Soul, but Not Required By Law

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Like many of you, I long for vacations.  I like to plan them out in advance and then spend the intervening weeks and months plotting and scheming. What restaurants and new foods should we try? What attractions should we try to visit? And while that private tour my Facebook friend recommended sounds neat and all,… Continue Reading

When Cancer Strikes: What Happens AFTER You Run Out of Paid Time Off

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I’d much rather write about a legal topic than a personal one, but before I talk about the logistics of handling an employee who has exhausted their paid time off, I wanted to share a brief personal update. Last November, I shared with you my wife’s diagnosis and treatment for cancer.  Because she is a… Continue Reading

Vacation Daze: Leave ‘Em Alone

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Last week was the first time in the seven year history of this blog that no blog posts were uploaded. Why? Vacation. It’s been a long cold winter and my wife and I were able to corral our kids for some much needed warm-weather rest and relaxation — after a very challenging year. As it turns out,… Continue Reading

A Paid Sick Leave Carryover Issue Left Unaddressed … Until Now

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So, four months in, how is Connecticut Paid Sick Leave (PSL) working out? Well, for towns, not so well as this recent article pointed out. But as Connecticut employers start running through the issues, some novel and unforseen issues keep popping up. I’ll address one of them here. But before you read it, make sure you… Continue Reading

The Paid Sick Leave Issue That May End Up In Court

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Yesterday, I discussed the carryover rule that requires employers to allow service workers to carry over up to five days of paid sick leave each year. But a loyal blog reader posed the following question to me: Suppose you are an employer that voluntarily offers 12 paid time off (PTO) days at the start of… Continue Reading

Get Ready for Some Lifting on Paid Sick Leave Carryover Rules

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We continue with our series of posts (see prior posts here, here, here, and here) on the new Paid Sick Leave Guidance issued by the Connecticut Department of Labor earlier this month. Today’s post focuses on the “carryover” rules. Another issue that the Paid Sick Leave addresses is the “carryover” rules — or how much… Continue Reading

From the Archives: Columbus Day. And Most Employers Are Open

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With today being Columbus Day, the following  is a reprint of an earlier column I wrote about the holiday.  Enjoy Columbus Day and these unseasonably warm temperatures. Over the last few years, I’ve been running a popular post about Columbus Day and the origins of the work holiday in Connecticut. Indeed, it has its foundation… Continue Reading

Summer Parties, Vacations, Independence Day & HR

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With July 4th weekend upon us, I wanted to first wish all of you a Happy Independence Day! In the meantime, for those who are still looking for things to work on this weekend, I refer back to post in 2008 that talked about summer-related employment law issues.  Here are a few highlights: Vacations/Paid Time… Continue Reading

Paid Sick Leave: The Basics Of What Employers Need to Know

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UPDATED: June 9, 2011 Paid Sick Leave has officially passed the Connecticut General Assembly and awaits a formal signature by Governor Malloy (who has indicated he will sign the measure).  There’s a lot of little things in the bill. Here are the basics of what you need to know as an employer (assuming it is… Continue Reading

House Passes Version of Paid Sick Leave; Bill Goes On to Senate for a Vote

Posted in Legislative Developments

 Late last night, the Connecticut House approved House Bill 6187, better known as the Paid Sick Leave bill. The bill has some important changes from its original drafting including some tweaks to the definition of who is an employer and how many days an employee is entitled to.   The text of the new bill (as… Continue Reading

Paid Sick Leave Bill Moves Forward; Will Swine Flu Outbreak Be Tipping Point?

Posted in Legislative Developments

A key legislative committee yesterday gave its approval to a bill which would mandate that certain employers give employees paid sick leave.  You can keep tabs on the bill status here.  I’ve discussed the bill several times before and it appears that the basic structure of paid sick leave bill (H.B. 6187) has remained unchanged. The Judiciary Committee’s… Continue Reading

Start of the Summer Season: HR Topics to Ponder Now Before They Arise

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The Memorial Day Holiday Weekend has turned into the "unofficial" beginning of the summer season (though it hasn’t exactly felt like summer yet in Connecticut).  With that, there are a whole host of issues that also make an annual re-appearance.  Here are a few to think about.  Vacations/Paid Time Off — Vacations are a common… Continue Reading

Updating Employee Handbooks — Even Road Signs Need to be Replaced

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Next time you’re driving on the highway, take a look at the road signs. Not for what they say, but how they say it.  Are they new or worn? Easy to read or difficult to see? Straightforward or confusing? If you drive down I-95 around Fairfield and Westport, you’ll notice something different lately. The signs… Continue Reading