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Legislative Update: Payroll Cards Finally Approved in Connecticut

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Payroll cards are finally here. The General Assembly finished their regular session last night with several employment law bills getting passed, including some that have been kicking around for years. One of them is Senate Bill 211, which authorizes employers to use payroll cards — instead of checks or direct deposit — to pay their employees…. Continue Reading

Paycheck Fairness Act Suddenly the Hot Topic

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Back in July, the proposed Paycheck Fairness Act, whose lead sponsor is Connecticut’s own Rep. Rosa DeLauro, was still just being tossed around. At the time, I noted that there was criticism of the statistics being used to justify the law. Now, numerous outlets are suggesting that the bill is close to passage (here, here… Continue Reading

Another Look at the Statistics Supporting the Paycheck Fairness Act (And Why Mark Twain Would’ve Chimed in)

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— There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics                                                                                      —– Mark Twain Given that Mark Twain is one of Hartford’s most famous residents (now "celebrating" 100 years since his death), it seems appropriate to invoke another one of his famous sayings. Time and again, statistics keep getting raised to the forefront… Continue Reading