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BREAKING: Connecticut Supreme Court Rules Restaurant Cannot Apply Tip Credit to Pizza Delivery Drivers

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The Connecticut Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision that will be officially released April 4, 2017, has ruled that employers may not use the “tip credit” for pizza delivery drivers and therefore, the employees must be paid the standard minimum wage. You can download the decision in Amaral Brothers, Inc. v. Department of Labor here. … Continue Reading

Quietly, Child Labor Case Involving Pizzaria is Resolved

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And so, the Case of the Little Pepperonis ends with a whimper. After settlement discussions over the late summer, the pizzaria owners who had sued to state regarding enforcement of child labor laws quietly withdrew the case in late August 2010.  No word on whether the children will be allowed to assist their parents in… Continue Reading

Pizzaria & Child Labor: An Update

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Remember the federal case of the pizza restaurant owners suing the state to allow their children to be able to learn the pizza business through observation and participation? Part of their case involved a challenge to the constitutionality of the state’s child labor laws.  It has been over two months since we’ve heard much about… Continue Reading

A Slice of Heaven? More Followup from the Pizzaria Child Labor Case

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Are the owners of a pizza of the pizza restaurant who filed suit challenging the state’s child labor laws making a mountain out of a molehill? A new report by the Advocate newspapers this week suggests that is the case.  It’s worth the read.  It’s something I’ve been wondering about as well because what was… Continue Reading

Machetes for 8 Year Olds, and Other Tidbits From “Where We Live” Interview on Child Labor

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This morning, I served as a guest on the terrific "Where We Live" program that airs daily on WNPR.  You can listen to the broadcast here.  It’s difficult to recap a one-hour broadcast in a short blog post so here are a few of my random observations and thoughts after today’s session.  To some callers,… Continue Reading

Pizza and Child Labor Laws: Appearance on WNPR’s Where We Live

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Want to know more about the state’s child labor laws? I’ll be live in studio on Wednesday, June 23rd for the WNPR broadcast of Where We Live and we’ll be talking about the laws in the area and what’s being done to see that those laws are enforced.  It’ll air at 9 a.m. EDT with a… Continue Reading

Parents Sue to Allow Children to Work in Family Pizza Business

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Two parents have recently sued the Connecticut Department of Labor, asking the court rule that the child labor protection laws should not apply to situations such as theirs where they want their own kids to work in the family pizza place.  The Connecticut Law Tribune has a good recap of the matter thus far.  I… Continue Reading