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What Ever Happened To….The Pension Lawsuit Against CIGNA?

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One of the cases I’ve covered on this blog since the beginning, was a lawsuit challenging CIGNA’s change from a traditional defined benefit plan to a cash balance plan. In plain English, it was basically (and I’m oversimplifying) a conversion from a pension plan to a 401(k) plan. That case has gone all the way… Continue Reading

Your Workplace Is Going Viral #AlexfromTarget

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance, Social Media

For employers, the power of the Internet is pretty scary at times. The latest meme to hit the Internet won’t change that view. Sometime yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, someone tweeted a picture of a worker from a Target store. His name is “Alex”. We know this because of his name tag. And apparently he’s cute and teenagers started… Continue Reading

Employees Who Smoke (Part II) – The Exception for Health Insurance Plans

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance, Laws and Regulations

So yesterday, I made a convincing case that employees who smoke outside the workplace can’t be treated differently than your non-smokers.  But what about your health insurance plans? Doesn’t the state law prohibit your plan from imposing higher premium costs on those smokers? Well on first glance it appears yes.  The state law would seem to… Continue Reading

Oral Argument Transcript Now Available from U.S. Supreme Court Argument in Cigna v. Amara

Posted in Litigation

It’s rare for a case from Connecticut to make it all the way to the United States Supreme Court. But this week, a case did just that. I’ve previously discussed the case of Cigna v. Amara in many posts which you can read here.  The case ultimately concerns the receipt of retirement benefits and whether… Continue Reading

New Second Circuit Decision Takes Some of the “Judgment” Out of the “Business Judgment Rule”, Particularly for Union-Related Matters

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Let the politicians and the newspapers cite a new Second Circuit decision as being important for "saving jobs" in Connecticut. It makes for good press, but for employers, the decision is more important for a different reason than highlighted in the press: The Court has weakened one of the arguments that employers use to support their… Continue Reading

Five Questions with… Mathew Krukoski, CPA on Employee Benefit Plan Audits

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance

  Continuing our occasional series of interviews with people of interest to human resource professionals in Connecticut, today we talk with Mathew Krukoski, CPA of J.H. Cohn’s Glastonbury, CT offices. Matthew is a Partner there and we had the opportunity to talk about the importance of having auditors review employee benefit plans, particularly as that… Continue Reading

Affirmative Action Forms for State Contracts: Is This The Best Way?

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance

To work on State of Connecticut contracts with the Department of Transportation, various contractors have to set up an affirmative action plan.  If they do not have one on file with the DOT, the Department’s Division of Contract Compliance will send out the following letter. So what to do if you don’t have a plan?… Continue Reading

Sounding the Alarm Bells: Three Reasons Why Most Employers Should Get Their Act Together on the COBRA Subsidy Provisions

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance, Laws and Regulations

Although I’ve been sounding the alarm bells for the last two months or so, on the new COBRA subsidy provisions, I’ve had informal discussions with various colleagues that suggest that some employers are either ignorant of the new rules or do not believe that the rules apply to them. Here are three areas why most employers… Continue Reading